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Monday, May 4, 2009

Annual Derby Weekend Getaway!

We had such a blast this weekend camping….
with 2 separate groups.
Yes that’s right 2 groups!
The first group was 15-20 families from Church dubbed…
The Pampered Campers
…& we have the T-shirt to prove it.
About 6 yrs ago, 2-3 families escaped the Derby craziness by camping together. Now referred to as the annual, “Pampered Campers Derby Bash”.
Each year the numbers have grown ….
to the point our Priest has started celebrating Mass Saturday Night for us!
Of course it’s after The Kentucky Derby Race!
Last year nearly 100 attended this year quite a few chickened out due to rain. Pampered campers??? When 2 of the campers are chief’s, (and multiple wanna be’s) another is a wine maker ……

The second group was Kenny & Joyce & company…another 12-15 families with an annual “Derby Escape Camp out”. Wonderful friends we have known for years, our children went to different schools growing up but, but have all remained close from summers camping together

We camped in the middle, between the 2 groups & had a blast!

Larry, Isaiah & I went Thursday evening & Erika, Chris & Evelyn joined us Friday after work. 10 ticks between us, little man FINALLY rode his bike without training wheels,…it rained….. Ant Mountain’s…(look at the photo those are not hills), rain…….smore’s & campfire pies………and rain……Isaiah was in seventh heaven as where we live there are no other children. Between the 2 groups there were about 30 children & we all together took up the entire upper loop of the campground. He had full run. Once his little head hit the pillow at night I think it took about………….a minute for him to fall asleep! Larry had to work through the day but was able to join us in the evening.

Um, did I mention ant hills? These are the 2 small hills behind our camp, some were over 3 ft across....really neat to watch them scurry around.....
really wanted to poke one with a stick......
but I didn't.....
But only because Isaiah was watching
Miss Evie wasn't to sure about this camping stuff...youngest camper there!
She'll grow into it.

Almost got it~

Buddy was so happy when we came home

If you left the weekend rested or hungry….it was your own fault!
We won't discuss the laundry pile waiting!


  1. What a great idea for a reason to go camping. Not there should be any need for a reason. I'm jealous. We haven't been camping since Thanksgiving....gotta go soon. Sure looks like you had a great time. And I would have wanted to poke the ant hills too.
    Over here in the West we love watching all the hype surrounding the Kentucky Derby. Shega just loves watching the horses.

  2. It was the first time since LAST Derby!
    You would think we would be out a lot...Larry usually gets a lot of..how do I fix this or, can you come look at...for me. When we got to looking we realized all but 4 were out customers!

  3. Ok, I can type today...I can also spell, really I can. I ment to say all but 4 were our customers, either new or used. I didn't have any wine!

  4. Ticks?! Eek! I am a bug-o-phobe. My husband and I like to photograph old cemeteries, and I'm always so afraif of ticks at the cemeteries that aren't mowed and cared for!

  5. Camping? I'm afraid I agree with Miss Evie! LOL

  6. We didn't get to go camping last year. I hope we get to go this year. I love the way that kids just pass out at bedtime on camping trips.


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