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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Customs Completed!

A bit of knitting started amid the camping fun & games.
Well knitting is fun so I just had a shoulder sling bag that i carried the yarn in and knit as I walked & visited!
Rivers Rising Shorties, my colorway on Wool2Dye4 Merino....
Almost as soft as Purewool! Trimmed in Cascade.
Sleep Sac with a few mods on the bottom....
Ubersoft Purewool in the colorway Sophia
Customs for Christina's unborn babe!
Just completing small shorties, a scrappy remix of Flamin Fun
No photos yet, will post them later!
Stash Bustin!!!!
Trying to clear out some stash as I need the room!


  1. yay for stash busting :-) I keep wanting to do some more of that but I keep stash enhancing instead!! Luckily the new yarn has been claimed by customers already so technically my stash hasn't increased... ;-)

  2. I really like the teal and tan combo :)

    As for the closet in Joel's room... it was already packed to the brim before my husband moved in! We had to add an extra shelf above the existing shelf for all of Jason's stuff that wouldn't fit in the other two bedroom closets. When Joel was on his way, we carved out a small place in his closet, but that's all he gets! Under his crib (as well as the other two beds in the house) are also completely crammed with storage already. There seriously is no other place in the house except the car!! (Actually, I could leave the sweeper out and pile tp in the hall closet where the tp usually goes... I'm considering doing that)

  3. I wish I felt half as accomplished as you are! I really need to get stuff done... but Owen insists I take it slow...


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