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Friday, May 29, 2009

Standin Tall & the Wabbit Watch

As part of Etsy Cloth Diaper Team
we are preparing for a
4th of July/Patriotic stocking
for the month of June
These are my first 2 entry's
Large shorties in my colorway
"Standing Tall"
Red, White & Blue, with Navy cuffs & waist.
I had just enough to make a pair of Small shorties
Trimmed with "Standing Tall " cuffs & waist.

Playin in the dye pots yesterday...

"Fresh Peppers"
you know...
the peppers the terrorist
wabbits left alone


Because I'm twisted like that...
"Mutant Strawberry's"
Its ladies night here!
We had Ladies Day lunches with the women in our family for quite a while,
but we realized it limited those who could come.
So now we get together for Bunco once a month.
It gets crazy,
one smacked another for stealing her bunco...in a fun way...
the bruise only lasted a few days
A few cheat....I'm tellin ya they do.
Who gets 4 & 5 bunco's a night?
I'm checking the dice tonight.


  1. Sounds like my family...only the game of choice is Aggravation. And they do get mighty aggravating.
    Love the shorties and longies! Oooh and the yarn colors are gorgeous!

  2. I love all the colors. Hopefully your yarn will be safe from wabbits too.

  3. Those navy pants are so cute! Very festive for July 4th! And that fresh pepper yarn is making me hungry :)

  4. I want to play, in the pots and Bunco.

  5. Oh, to have time to play! Puts me in a summer mood, I tell you. Such lovely yarn and pants. I've never played Bunco but it sounds fun.


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