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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kidlets Colors

Longies, Longies, Longies, Longies!
Yes I did have to say it 4 times,
One for each Kidlet
3 girls & a boy
As 3lb preemies (doing well as I understand)
they can use lot of prayer!
Mom as approved the colors.....
And the knitting has begun!
(Please excuse the cruddy photo's)
I'm afraid of second sock syndrome.....
so I'm working on them all at once.
I know me!


  1. oo lovely colours, especially love the pink and blue yarn. Those babies are going to be thoroughly spoilt :-)

  2. Love the pink and purple, and the blue and green! I love it when they kind of self stripe too! These should go by fast though :) Second, Third and Fourth sock syndrome? lol Funny, I just started my second sock.. and to escape my 1st second sock syndrome I am doing a companion sock instead!

  3. Beautiful colors!

    Saying a prayer for the babies. :o)

  4. I love how you're working on all four at once. That's a truly excellent assortment of colours.

  5. Thanks Ladies! Yes I have to work on them all at once, I have 4 socks laying around that are waiting for mates! I don't want it to happen with these...once I start a pair, thats all sh wrote!

  6. I love the colors!
    I have finally finished my very first sock but am yet to start on my second one! LOL!


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