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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Varmint Huntin & WIP

I'm getting the scatter gun
and goin
Varmint Huntin!!!!!
Well, last night after the rain stopped,
I was out looking in the garden checking to see if I had sprouts
And this caught my eye
Nice right?
Thick.... lush... green....
Growing nicely
My "Oh Yeah" happy dance turned into..
an "Oh NO!" foot stomp!
(OK, that's not what I really said but)....
Each Tomato plant gets progressively smaller!
So, While I walked (OK. stomped) into the house,
planning .......
& plotting.....
for Rabbit Stew..
Mr. Fix it found some scraps of chicken wire
& we put up a modified fence
I know they are laughing at us......
They hadn't touched the pepper plants last night..

Apparently Pepper's are not good enough
or possibly the wrong variety
they left scraps....

on the ground.....

just layin there.

Hope he has a big fat belly ache!
Here bunny bunny!
Neighbor saw us out working & came over
I pointed out the rabbits had eaten their way through the garden
from his direction
so they were his

He laughed
Told us there is a large family of them
living behind his wood pile....

They did not find the bean sprouts

With 4th of July coming up I figured I'd better get some
Patriotic Shorties started...
"Standing Tall"
I should have them completed tonight

And a bit of instant gratification
A quick dishcloth.

If anyone has a good rabbit recipe.....
send it my way please...
we're going to need it.
I'm not joking!


  1. aww poor little bunnies! LOL Never ate rabbit before... hm maybe some jerky? Why not? They've been jerking you around!

  2. Poor Litt BUNNIES!!!!
    You should see the mess they left...
    Jerkey sound like a fine idea....I'm sure there is more than one...
    off to check recipe book to see if its made the same as venison jerky...
    bet you think I'm joking!

  3. No, I don't think you are joking and that's why I said poor little bunnies lol. Because Katie is after them!
    DH would torture them I'm sure. My dad caught a coon last weekend that tore up 3 of my Momaw's bird feeders. It was all I could do to get Ben to leave it alone because he wanted to kill it for him.

  4. I can't think of bunny stew without envisioning Thumper...

  5. mmm stew with big chunky potatoes and carrots.. Thumper probably tastes pretty good.I'm resisting a late snack. Can you tell?

    Thumper~ "Watch what I can do!" (eat your hard earned garden)

  6. Hes just getting fattened for the pot!

  7. Oh my gosh you can't eat them!!! Bunnies are too cute and cuddly to eat!
    I've been really busy this past weekend and week. We had two weddings, a wedding rehearsal and a graduation party during the long weekend. Phew!

  8. sewingchick, it sounds like you need some sewing therapy!


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