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Friday, May 15, 2009

Diaper, Dogs & Rain

What was the song we sang as kids...
Rain Rain Go AWAY!
Come again another day
We had more rain today...the pond is overflowing again,
mini rivers through the backyard
Had just enough sun this morning to take a few photos
A friend of ours is expecting baby number 3 in a few weeks & has decided to use cloth
So I've been making a few diapers & covers......
5 Covers from the quilting stash
See kids, it was worth keeping!
Some new flannel, some re purposed shirts...
The diaper with the hands is for Evie...
I should say Chris.
I'm waiting to give them this one till hes (gagging) changing a loaded diaper
and say
"May I give you a hand?"

The big brave dog turns to jelly when it storms.
Buddy's will crawl behind me if I'm at the kitchen table sewing,
this is his normal position at the first crack of thunder......

See the small empty corner of the chair?
That's my portion of the seat.
By backside is larger than that
by just a little bit.


  1. Yeah, that rain will be here tomorrow morning. Fun, fun. It's Columbus's Susan Komen Race for the Cure, and it's going to be terrible weather for it!
    I LOVE that hand fabric by the way!

  2. I feel the same way that Buddy does about storms. Shudder.

    I had to change Itty Bitty's loaded diaper last weekend. Gag.

  3. Love the diaper joke you have planned :)
    Poor Buddy.. he just can't help it.
    I miss having pets.

  4. I love the covers, the spiders are adorable. Makes me wish I could sew without stitching my fingers together, lol.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Our dog is a big baby when it comes to loud noises, he hides under the coffee table and cries.

    I used cloth nappies for my son when he was little I even made a few of my own I liked to use the terry ones they were thicker.

    (I removed this post above and re-did it as there was an error in it)....hope that was okay?


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