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Friday, May 22, 2009

***********Hayden Time!****************

Its been quiet on the blog....
Lots of scrambling to get things done so I could leave for a day.....
Mr Hayden had a end of the year preschool program & I did not want to miss it!
So I did my run EARLY Thursday morning & that evening Isaiah & I drove up to Indy!
I picked up a new kids CD for the trip.....
if its a few years till I hear BINGO,
She'll be coming Round The Mountain, Hole in the Bucket,
John Jacob Jinglehimer Schmidt.....
I wont be upset.
At all
Rachel & Adam had the house built just about 2 yrs ago,
really nice subdivision lots of young families.....
Not to sure the wild life has adjusted tho......
This is a fake Ficus she has on the corner of her front porch.
They have a house guest.
A dove has made her nest in the tree against the house...
2 eggs I believe.......

We were up to see Mr Hayden off to school on the yellow school bus...
Hes required to have a full sized back pack!
How silly is that!
He looks like a turtle!
Rachel's' gonna love me for that photo

Isaiah was able to see him off on the school bus with Adam
Love the blue insulation board they found in the front yard?
The benefits of new construction materials blown around!
I thought it would make a great flannel board but.....

The MAN Himself on stage performing
"NO more Monkeys Jumping on the bed"
And perform he did! He knew all the songs & dances..he even jumped!
(major for Mr Hayden)

The parents had no idea what the program was about
this explains why he has been walking around the house shaking his finger saying
"No Jumping"
It was just to cute.
The teachers had t-shirts made for all the kids with monkeys jumping on a bed.
Adam videoed for parental blackmail in the future.
It was really a fun day.
Larry's parents made the drive up that morning,
& we all had lunch together after the program
Great visit!

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