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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tillin Time, The Gardens Goin In!

Every year, the great debate...
Do we put in a veggie garden again?
Or not...
past few years have been
Or Not.
don't wanna mess with it....
lots of excuses/reasons so,
We've stuck to contain gardening or, in and around the flowerbeds.
This year,
Its going in.
Future home of beans, peas & cucumbers
In the past we've had 1 huge space,
overwhelming to look at,
and I've felt whooped just looking at it...
So this year were going for 2-3 smaller plots
closer to the house
We have plenty of space but,
there are so many high and low spots...
After creating a swamp one year...
we found out the hard way...
make sure its a high spot.

The crowd gathers...
Daddy/Grandpa's actually tilling his field?
This is the man that checks tires
to match imprints if found in his grass!
We had a moment of silence for him......
What he gives for his family.....
OK, I'm over it...
he has over an acre he can mow!

Supervision with power tools is a must!
Lots of suggestions & critics!

And big time helpers!

Yes the boy dressed himself.
I made him take the jeans off as it was 86,
then I made him go put his under ware back on under the shorts.
He said THEY were making him hot!
Nothing to do with the heat right?
Had nothing to do with the socks
he insisted on pulling up to his elbows!


  1. We always had a Veggie Garden when I was growing up in New Zealand, I really miss having one now.

  2. LOL at Isaiah. He looks so tan already! I can't wait to see what you grow! I would probably be better off with a container garden with the red clay we have around here though. That dirt looks nice.

  3. We call it super dirt....they were doing road work in the area a few years back & needed somewhere to dump the dirt..we had low spots that needed filled, wowrked out perfect. Has turneed out to be the best soil ever!

  4. I've loved the last two posts about your "boys"! Great memories and they made me chuckle/smile. What is it about a little boy? Our garden traditionally goes in on Mother's Day weekend. We still put it in but it's getting a little smaller each year.

  5. I loved this.. and your little guy's dress sense? Pretty typical, I'm afraid! But the smile says it all! He's a keeper, for sure!!

    I would love to have a couple of smaller areas rather than the one big one, and I'm convinced that it makes it all so much easier - and less daunting to work in!
    I can't wait to see the photos of your garden growing!

  6. Looks like you've got some good dirt. Can't wait for fresh veggie season! MMM

    Cute helpers. ;o)


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