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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Katidids A.D.D. Randomness

What a BAD Grandma I've been.
I haven't shown Hayden's 1st Easter Concert!
It was so cute, kids from the Sunday school class sang and signed songs........
I love children's voices, so pure & sweet.
They don't care what they sound like, they sing from the heart.
Don't you wish that is a trait we never lost?
He was singing right along until he saw all the family in the pews...then it was
Hi! Hi! & a lot of grins & waves
Evelyn's first Holy Thursday & Washing of The Feet.
Isaiah insisted on washing hers....
Mommy Helped
Grandma held.
They had us stop for a moment & we couldn't figure out what was going on,
Father came and took the photo....
with his phone!
It was in this months church newsletter
Our own little DIVA!

O.K., so what is it about big/little boys & trucks?
Hayden sees me & says
Do I need to translate that?
Of course there has to be a ride....
Not sure who was more pleased
The man giving or, the boy receiving

No F.O. to post, lots of things in the works.
I have the yarn for the Quads dyed and drying
& no, you can't see...not before Mom!
Alright, mainly because my photo skills stink
& I have to wait for morning light
I do have 6 other colorways drying, a few for girls, a few for boys & a patriotic.
If it turns out as planned it going to be cute.


  1. TOO cute! I don't think I've ever lost the don't-care-what-I-sound-like-but-sing-from-the-heart trait. I think I embarrass Emily sometimes. LOL

    Evelyn will someday look back on this first foot washing with joy! :o)

    Boys and trucks... The older they get, the BIGGER the truck gets!

  2. Love the little foot washing pic! My big boy doesn't like trucks.. he likes Hondas...but the little one does! They like to catch rides on the lawn mower from uncle Cory sometimes :)
    I can't wait to see that yarn!


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