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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Greens On the Side?

Isaiah & I popped into Goodwill this afternoon looking at this weeks markdowns. I was after flannel shirts, sheets and t-shirts for diapers......& boy did we score.
We went green literally & figuratively!
I found a queen size set of new-ish olive green flannel sheets, about 15 t-shirts
and the best was
A, J.Crew, 100% super soft Lambswool sweater
still with tags
the tag sale color at goodwill this week is
wait for it .......
Less than 2 hours of frogging and I have
1lb 4 oz, 100% Lambswool for $1.00!!!!!
The sweater?
A rich Hunter GREEN!!!!
I see a few pair of Woodland themed longies
on the needles in the near future!

I Love thrifting!


  1. You inspired me to go to our Goodwill last time you posted about finding yarn. I looked and looked, but there was nothing.
    I always leave there with nothing and feeling dirty. I just do not enjoy the experience at all. Glad you are able to score though. Someone should:)

  2. I never can find things either. I don't see a need for wool sweaters to begin with in Alabama... so kind of hard to imagine finding them in the thrift store you know?
    I can't believe you got all that for one dollar though!

  3. Evie, We have a new Goodwill, the old one was pretty ratty but this one is nice...It may take a few trips for a find like this one!

  4. Candi, I ALMOST felt bad frogging it, it was beautiful....but would never fit me...I can't wait to start with it, sooooo soft.

  5. We have them all over town here - and they're called "Op Shops"...
    Salvos, Goodwill, St Vinnies, Red Cross, Baptist Church Op Shop and dozens of others. Some are good, REAL good... but some make you feel grotty just walking in the door.
    And some are trying to hard to be boutique-like... with the boutique prices!!
    I will NOT pay $13 for a *gently worn* flannel shirt!

    I love that all that lovely green, saved you a bunch of green backs!

    My word veri is bydayaun... so get out there and buy da yarn! ;-)

  6. SCORE! :o)

    Green is my favorite color.

  7. What a wonderful find :) I think you've tempted me to go thrifting this evening! I have a book on pureeing baby food waiting for me at the library near my in-laws' house. I was planning on picking it up and visiting with them but they're all sick with pinkeye. There's three thrift stores near them though that I will hit instead!

  8. Tater, we have a few shops that are priceed such as those...Who needs sto pay more that sale prices!
    Mother...NO!! you cant have it bwaaaa!
    Thanks for the creat comments everyone!
    Sew Chick....I see all kinds of baby boy stuff when I'm trying to find girl....


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