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Friday, May 8, 2009

When All Else Fails....Blame the Dog!

Its been so rainy & overcast Isaiah has been playing outside when ever he can.
We are on a couple of acres so its a little boys paradise.
This morning he went out with the dog to ride his bike and play.
Buddy is our (shaved) Golden Retriever........
who only barks when someone comes up the driveway or...
all is not as it should be.
I heard all this loud belly laughter so I grabbed my camera to investigate...
This is what I found........
Well Grama.....you see...it was Buddy's Fault!

Am I in trouble?!?!?!

I threw a stick for Buddy

He wouldn't give it back & this is what happened!

It's Buddys Fault!
So I had to rinse off.........

I'm posting this now, as I know his Mommy will hear of it...
this way she has time......
to Recover!
I don't need a bath now do I?


  1. Love it, too cute!
    Mother is slowly improving. I have to resign myself to the fact that she will probably never be the "same."
    Thanks for your care, prayers, and concern.
    Also for the Debbie tip:)

  2. ROFLMBO the things kids do and the excuses they come up with! My grandfather used to name all his dogs Buddy.

  3. Love this! This is exactly what little boys are for and what Grandma's get to enjoy! That made my day.

  4. Oh my how fun your writing is- I spent lots of time browsing your creations and adventures. Way too cute with the little boy and his dog- just adorable! Will be stopping back often- your blog made my day! Sandy & the sheep

  5. Lol! That will be my little one in a few short years :)

  6. Little boys and girls so delight in getting dirty! lol

    My grand girl, Gwen, nearly 3 yrs old now, loves to read story books of dogs or little kids playing in a mud puddle. She asks to read those parts over and over again, "Emak (Gramma), read 'bout the 'mud puddle again!". I love it. LOL

  7. Too funny. I'm glad you gave mom a warning and have proof in the pictures that it was all the dogs fault. Kids are something.


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