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Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Happend Wednesday!

I'm not really sure what happened.
The first pair of the Quad Kidlet's longies came out great,
striped up so pretty!

These have been frogged & re knit
3 times this week!
No matter what I do the stripes are different.
Gauge is OK, same amount of stitches Etc..
So, I'm waiting to see if that's OK with Mom
I could have had 4 pair in the mail by now..
Darn yarn!

On a lighter note, this Frog & I bonded on Mothers Day
I was cleaning debris from empty pots to ready them for flowers...

scooped all the leaves....
And this one squished...
He blended perfectly with the leaves
So, instead of moving the pot I moved the plants to the pot.
He hung out for quite a while,
I think he liked the Yellow blooms better than the Pink

Larry came in off the tractor the other night and said
"I see red in the strawberry patch!"
So we went to see if we beat the rabbits & squirrels to sweet goodies....
I now understand why they left them.
Think they were scared off?
Can anyone tell me what happened here?
Why we have Mutant Strawwberries?


  1. Wow.. something seems to be going on at your place! Mis-matched stripes, frogs in pots and then mutant strawberries!
    I seem to get a lot of funny shaped strawberries, but I don't have a clue as to why. They usually taste just fine though. :-)
    The ugly ones tend to get used for strawberry daquiries!

  2. Well... Those are definitely some unusual pictures. :o)

    Squishy leaf? Shudder.

  3. Oh wow - loving those pants - I wish I could knit!


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