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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sounds & Smells of Spring!

Ahhhh, Spring!

The sound of running water .........
as the pond overflows…
The crunch of gravel
as we start laying more rock for the courtyard

My Hubby..... needs new boots!

The smells of fresh cut wood & paint
as home repairs are completed
Its spring folks........
"The Projaholics" are back


  1. Why is it spring brings projects that last into summer and then we wonder where the "lazy days of summer" go???

  2. Too funny about your hubby's boots :) I had a pair of shoes I wore to work for four or five years that were falling apart but I loved them! I just couldn't part with them, so I know the feeling!

  3. Looks like you guys are very busy :)

  4. I bet it is going to be gorgeous out there! (not that it isn't now) So pretty that you can sit and knit outdoors.

  5. Wow, looks like your soaking up the sun and getting some good work outs in.

  6. that looks fun and rewarding...it's so good to get outside!
    i enjoy reading your blog!

  7. Aww... I can almost smell the sweating... ;o)


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