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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wake Up Wednesday & Customs Lineup

Whew, I'm all caught up on customs except for one.
Or, I should say
I'm working on small longies for Quads!
3 girls & a boy, little bitty babies!
The goal is to have them all different but, coordinate.
Mama likes stripes so with colors in mind, I'm skeining yarn &
playin in the dye pots today!
Lots of wool bits and pieces floating around in my yarn bins.
Partial skeins, leftovers from various projects, not enough for an entire project but to much to toss out.
But, these partial skeins are Kin to the Laundry.
not that I'm complaining mind you....
So I've been scrap happly these past few weeks.
here is the latest.....
Pausing here for a Public Service Safey Warning!
You are advised to protect your vision....
colors with the intensity of a
Sun Burst
wear your sunglasses now
Flamin Fun Scrap Happy Remix!
Now didn't I warn you?
Small Shorties, listed in Etsy this afternoon!


  1. OOOh, those make me think of summer and sun! Love them!

  2. These shorties are darling. Love the bright colours!

  3. I think these are one of my favorites of all you have shown.
    BTW.....we have lots of beaches in our area, but no sun so I can't go get that tan I showed you:)
    No sunbathing for me.

  4. Very fun looking. Wow... quads? Lots of lovely wool in their future! I've always wanted twins for some reason :)

  5. Thanks ladies, they were so fun to make!


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