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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Not much to post today,
I braved Wallyworld first thing this morning
for a few large, clear storage containers......
and survived the crowds...
It was close tho!
The diaper fabric stash is getting out of control
so I picked up a few containers to sort flannel...
boy & girl, recycled t~shirts,
elastic & Velcro
I was going to post a photo of what it all looks like now...you know,
a before & after...
when I saw the photo
NO WAY I'm showing what the before looks like!
Kind of a Jigunda laundry pile right now


  1. Be careful. I think those plastic storage containers multiply when you're not looking. You should see our garage! On second thought, no, you shouldn't! LOL

  2. LOL I'll show you my secret laundry stash room (AKA Kailey's room she doesn't sleep in) if you show me yours!


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