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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Things My Mother Taught Me… that she may not know

My Mother is the strongest women I know.
She taught us not just by words, but more by example & action.
I'm one of many, proud to call her Momma.

Things my Mother taught me.......

That no matter what happens, you can keep going.

There are some things you can’t change, only your reaction.

The love of nature, feeling the soil and being a small part of the Bloom

That it’s ok not to have all the answers.

Home-made cocoa is always the best

The joy of cooking, with very little.

There are times for silence

What Butts are really for.

The Joy of books & learning

Its not where you are in life, It’s how you live it.

Always to leave a place better that you found it

You have to be happy where you are, before you can be happy anywhere else

That money is not the value of a person

Everyone has gifts, you just have to find yours

That if you have a little, you have a lot

To use our hands to create, and a gift made, is a gift of your-self

Mistakes can be forgiven

Every child has to walk their own path, not ours

To stand for what you believe in

To make my own choices, and live with the results.

That when adult children ask what do you think, they don’t always need an answer.

Supper is ready when your chores are done

We are the example

No matter what, She will always Love me

Happy Mothers Day Momma, I Love You.

1 comment:

  1. Hiya kathi :)

    Thankyou for your lovely comment about my darling Grandma...I miss her every day, but I know she's one of many angels who look down on me, helping me to live my life.

    This post about your Mother is lovely....I especially like the part about letting your children find their own path. My path was laid out for me as a child, and I could only start making life choices when I as away at University....so I am very aware of giving my own children choices.

    Bless you....and happy stash busting!!!!
    I think monkeypal is a serious fibre enabler too.... ***grins***

    Big Hugs

    Sarah xXx


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