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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where have I been? Stocking Longies in Katidids….Again!

birthday & longies 017 Longies 001

Mama Jama 002 more Longies 012 Aug catch up 068

This last pair I just laid out to dry from lanolizing, and will be listed in the Etsy store this afternoon.

Aug catch up 051

These are on the needles now.

There are 3 other pair not shown.  Why?  because they sold and I have not downloaded the photos! It’s getting hard to keep the shop stocked but I’m up to the challenge!

August has been a crazy month…..

Mr. Fix~it celebrated a birthday with a

Blackberry Cobbler.  birthday & longies 003

He’ll take fruit cobbler over a cake any day!

It was a big hit!

I used the recipe from Ree from Pioneer Woman’s Blog.  (If you have not had a chance to visit your missing out!)  Anyway, I doubled the recipe and used a large casserole dish….Is shown on her blog in a shallow dish which would be best.  I baked it for a bit longer but the center wasn’t quite there yet.  Reheating the next day it was great.  Well….Mr. Fix~it said homgmmmgooomd..hot..good!

We had the monthly family birthday party.  Which is Mr. Fix~its entire family….His parents 6 adult children & families and the 3rd & 4th generations.  More like a clan gathering..watching underfoot for the babies but its a food fest & always fun.  1or 2 cakes are lit & relit for each person celebrating a birthday.  I think we need to all chip in for paint to repaint the ceiling from all those candles month after month!

Mr. Isaiah turned six! So he had a party…

A John Deer Party….Every one got involved

Aug catch up 011

Now the past 2 years he has been helping grandpa dress out deer, go to archery shoots and target practice.  This year he gets to go hunting for the first time and participate in archery shooting events.  So he needed a bow.Aug catch up 045

He had to work for it though, we sent him on a treasure hunt complete with a map…..it took a bit, he had to go all through the yard, play area, riding on his bike, back in the wooded area to find his treasure…

He was able to try it out the next day….

Aug catch up 060

On  the target the 3rd attempt!

(And yes, he knows this is a tool not a toy, it will still be stored with Grandpa’s bow & he will not have access to it unless supervised. Believe me there has been, and will continue to be numerous safety discussions.)

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  1. Missed you, but it does look like you have been very busy:)


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