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Friday, September 4, 2009

Karma Stitch markers From iCandi

A while back I found some awesome beads on sale. I knew Candice had just opened her Hyena cart store “iCandi” & she didn’t have many craft stores in her area so

………………………. I sent them to her.

She also works part time in her local yarn store that, just happens to sell my favorite Hi Ya Hi Ya knitting needles. Well she picked up another pair for me and this was in the package!a 050An assortment of stitch markers!

I wish my photography skills did justice to theses markers (I’m working on it)

I have 2 sizes of markers in colors that will stand out with any color project.

Thank you Candace!

It’s so nice outside right now I opened the house up. Well, I guess little bird was a tad upset I didn’t stop and visit for a while & he let me know about it

a 051

Look at the floor below the cage

a 052

And a closer view….

I guess a quick chat is faster than a floor sweep!

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  1. That's a BIG mess for such a lil bird! LOL

  2. Reminds me of 3 two year olds I know...good grief they are fast in the mess department. And love the stitch markers.

  3. could you e-mail Karyn and get my cell phone number from her. I want to talk to you a minute if you do not mind.

  4. Haha is that yarn I see under the bird cage? Bad little birdie making all that mess in the house you just cleaned up! Maybe you could give him as a house warming present.. j/k!


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