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Friday, September 11, 2009

Yesterday I wasn’t just looking

Usually when I come home I just zip up the driveway, in a hurry to get home & what ever is waiting. After a busy day in Louisville I was enjoying the drive and watching for the subtle changes in the foliage.  (Translating that statement means I actually drove the speed limit…really I did well, some of the time.)  The leaves are losing the brilliant green and shifting to a ashy green & starting to curl..Kind of like a bad dye job that fried your hair.Canning old card 774   Anyway, coming or going as we drive past this end of the house, usually we’re looking at the water level of the pond or deciding if the grass can wait just one more day before needing a mow.  Yesterday I wasn’t just looking…I was enjoying, savoring the last breaths of summer.  The Stone Crop against the brown of the house just popped out at me.  I usually miss it bloom, but not this year.

Canned a few more bits from the garden last night, 4 quarts of tomato sauce,  5 pints of  green beans & 4 pints of carrots.  The carrots were 3lbs for $1.00?  Couldn’t pass that bargain up!

Canning old card 776 Canning old card 777   Have I told you how much I love my pressure canner?

I love the rich colors of preserved food…I could leave the jars on the counter for weeks…but I don’t….very often

I have more chicken stock on the stove & venison thawing from the freezer for my first raw meat canning.  Wish me luck!

Sunday we plan to spend in Indy with Rachel & Adam as Hayden will be singing in church for Grandparents Day.  And that. is an event, not to be missed!


  1. WOW! Look at all that canned food! I've been wanting to learn how to can but only one project at a time for me right now.

  2. Canning raw meat? That just sounds... Wrong. Shudder.

    Enjoy the singing! :o)

  3. I am going to try meat canning this year... with my husbands hunting!! Let me know how it goes!!
    I'm with you... I could leave my jars on the counters for weeks... but don't have the space to do that!


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