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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day with a new Meaning

Thursday night as the reality of “We  now own this house “sunk in,  so did the amount of work that lay ahead of them.

They had placed an offer in March, and closed in September!

They wanted to paint and move in to establish the new normal before Isaiah started back to school Tuesday.

They both worked Friday…but it was a 3 day weekend…..

The house really was move in ready, it had a fresh coat of cream….in every room. A few before photos…..

a 033

a 031 a 037   a 032






When hearing they had finally closed on the house, one of  Erika’s customers (a painting contractor) gifted them with 10 gallons of base paint, & arranged to have it split up to be tined with colors she selected.  With paint $18- $30.00 a gallon retail it was a major windfall! 

erikas house 007 erikas house 002

We felt like there was even more of a mess in the process at times, there are still boxes in the kitchen, & things had not been put up on the walls  but the kids bedrooms were set up by the time we left last night at 10pm. 

erikas house 019

  The Living room & 1/2 the kitchen are a color called “Bagel” (It left me wanting to eat all weekend)  The other kitchen color is 50’s T-bird blue/aqua.  I would have never thought to mix those colors but it is beautiful!  The stove and fridge will be in tomorrow.  For right now they are using a mini fridge & a microwave. 

erikas house 015 erikas house 014

We forgot Evie’s crib in the basement so we set up the porta-crib for tonight. She’s never been able to use it as there was no room to set it up

erikas house 017 erikas house 020

     Isaiah’s loft bed we found at a yard sale for $70.00 this spring, built-in desk for school work, drawers & shelves at the end for toys or storage.

As happy as we are for them it was tough leaving last night.

Aside for 3 months in an apartment, Isaiah has been with us from day 1.  So, we drove home in tears, reassuring each other that this is a good thing, a home of their own, safe & secure..their own space.  We’re happy to have out house back but, it will be a bit of a struggle to find our new normal.

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  1. Just take a moment and relish the quiet knowing the kids will be able to manage. They need this time to grow up and depend on one another. Think of how fun it will be to have them over as well as ow nice it will be to spend an evening alone with DH.

  2. Wow you did so much in so little time! And that blue and bagel look delish together! Your house looks pretty much close to picture perfect!!! Congrats!

  3. Oh Gosh, this is not my house, its my daughters. I'll be sure and pass your comments on!


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