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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday & Completed works

Remember this well loved  birdbath the neighbor was going to toss out because it was dirty & yucked up?

Mr. Fix~it & Isaiah pulled it out and sanded, washed, and sanded some more….A trip to the hardware store for paint (but I know I bought a can already) after a few hours of drying time…….

dbath longies 002

I love the way it turned out, blending in rather than standing out.  A great addition to my front garden.dbath longies 003

The birds found it fast, and have been enjoying splashing around…hanging on the sides..of course they all stop to admire the stepping stone Isaiah made me a few years ago.  They know great art when they see it!

I finished one pair of the large longies I posted yesterday.

dbath longies 006

Fun outside play colors to hide stains. The others should be completed this afternoon.

What job did you tackle? 

Or, in my case have tackled for you?


  1. The longies and the birdbath both rock!

  2. I love the longies, but I wouldn't call it unisex ;o)
    It's nothing I would put on my little girls :)
    But when I get a boy (somewhere far away in the future, haha), I think I'll redye it :P

  3. Trying to tackle the laundry. SIGH.

    LOVE the bird bath and the longies! I'll take a tape measure with me when I go see Itty Bitty!

  4. Job? Tackle? Keeping my house in order seems to be a full time job for me. Taking me longer and longer each day to finish it.
    I do love the bird bath though. I remember when you originally posted pictures of it.
    I am working on a sweater for a little friend who is expecting. Hope I finish it before the baby is born and raised. Actually I am almost 1/3 done. I am pretty sure I will make it.

  5. I am just canning and freezing for the winter months. Hard work but worth it. the bird bath turned out nice.


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