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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Longies Stocking & Treasure Hunting

More Longies for the shop! 

Deep Teal, shades of Pinks & Purples with a touch of limeglood & longies 019  And a fall favorite, Small mid weight Unisex longiesglood & longies 013 I’ll have these posted as soon as I can get the photos loaded to Etsy.  For some reason the files are to big.  I’ve tried adobe & saving to the web but even adobe says they are to big to handle?  The joys of a new camera…have to pull the book out!  Oh, And we did find my old camera, it was folded up in the chair I had at Rachel’s party!  We found it when we pulled them out while camping!

We’ve started the “Great Closet Clean out”  Have to make a game of it or……well lets just say it reminds me of those old comedy’s where they open the closet and everything just explodes out!

dresses 007

We found a few treasures….a couple of dresses  & wrap I’d made for formal occasions back in Mr. Fix~It’s prior life as a DOD contractor.  Yes that is a turquoise Lame Bodice, and to make it even worse, it has a peplum. I got my use of these, I used a scrap of the wrap to make a belt for the pink & black the 2nd time I used it…Can’t get more 80’s than that!….although the pattern is still sold! Scientific proof things shrink in the closet.  I was never that small!

Destined for Goodwill & some little girls dress up box I imagine. I could repurpose the fabric but, who knows when I would get around to it!

Clearing out the closets is my goal to complete before winter sets in……

After the finds in here I’m scared to tackle the closet in my sons old room. So I’m stalling and working in the laundry room. Still progress right?

Do you know what’s in the back of your closets?


  1. ooo I love the colours in the first pair, your own dyework I assume?

    What pattern did you use for the leg cuffs? It's hard to tell on the photos

  2. I'm fairly sure something from a Stephen King short story lives in the back of my closet.

  3. Thank you Evelyn, yes it is my colorway. The cuffs are finished with a double sead stitch & half roll.

    Twisted, you just creeped me out! Now I really don't want to do his closet!

  4. But if the thingy lives in my closet his should be perfectly safe right? LOL.

  5. :-)
    My cat lives in the back of my closet.

    And this one dress that I can't get rid of - even though It's collecting dust. LOL

  6. I just love those longies! They are adorable!

    I don't want to know what is at the back of my closet. =)

  7. Love the colors and fabrics in your closet find pic!! Wish I was near you to use them in my preschool - My five princesses would go wild for them!! Mahalo for the smiles.

  8. Yes. I do. There's a reason it's back there too. Chuckle.


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