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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chicken in Every Pot…Um…Jar

Our weather is really cooling off.  The garden is just about done. 

The cucumbers have dried up & I have one melon left on the vine.  There were 3 but deer got into 2 of them.  It/they ate half of  2 melons. Grrr !!!! At least they could have shared! 

The tomato plants are loaded but are slow to ripen in the cooler days.  I have been cooking them into sauce and then freezing until I have a larger amount.  Yesterday I was able to pick enough to can 4 quarts of tomato sauce with the freezer batches.

Our green beans are about done also, I’m only picking a meal or 2’s worth at a time.  I’ve pulled over half the plants and have the 3rd planting finishing up now.  Again, its not enough to batch can so in the freezer they go!

A month or so ago I bought a pressure canner and just love it!  I have so much more flexibility  in preserving.

I tried my first experiment with poultry canning yesterday.  I had picked up a few whole chickens on sale for .89 lb. We roasted one the other night, we  (5 of us) ate 2 suppers with it & a few lunches.  Yesterday I cooked the carcass, deboned it & had a full pan of rich chicken soup base.  After skimming as much fat as possible,  ended up with 2 quarts of stock. Or, depending on how I use it 2 suppers of chicken stew, cream of chicken soup or casseroles.  An we will get at least 2 meals from what I choose to make.  Not to bad for 1 $5.00 Chicken!

canning 001

So, why didn’t I just stick the bones in the freezer until I was ready to use them?  Well, the onset of Fall means hunting season.  I need to create lots of space with out loosing what I have stored.  Erika’s fridge is due in today so that will help clear their things out but still not create the space I need.

I’ve been researching canning the venison we have thru 2- 3 sites using raw or cooked meat.  I’ve decided to start with cooked meat, making stews or BBQ before I move on to raw.  If I do it correctly it will preserve the meat even longer & free the needed freezer space.

I’m open to advice so speak up if you’ve done this before or, know of any proven sources of information!

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  1. I had a bunch of broth left over from baking a chicken last night and while I was putting away the leftover chicken, my husband threw out the broth. AHHHH! What a waste. But at least he was trying to help.


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