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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So, Does this mean I’m Grounded?

I’m late posting today.  Bad, bad, me.  I needed to run to Louisville…which will be a post all in itself, it was a very enlightening  study of …well I’ll tell ya later. Anyway,  I also needed work on another project so….I’m later than even my normal.  So I came home, dropped my bags put the groceries away & checked my e-mail.

I received this from Erika;

Okay… so I like keeping tabs on you through your web log… how am I supposed to do that when you don’t web log daily?  Seriously dude, I’m disappointed in you.  It’s been an entire day and no new blog.  Not cool mom.  I can’t really call you from home unless I want to sit on top of my couch with my head pointed towards the side wall, my feet towards the window, my arms sticking straight up like antennas (because it really does help), and let’s not forget the tongue hanging out like a dog.

What I want to know, is when did the rolls change?  I’m no where near the “help I’ve fallen & I cant get up” stage.  They haven’t been gone a month and its starting already.  I bet by next month it will be where are you going, what time will you be home, who will you be with, who are their Children, have I met them? Call me if the plans change……..

Oh, and really she’s not spastic, she has horrible reception in the new house.

Do your kids keep tabs on you?

*****Edited to add I love you too Sweetie!


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  1. That is just adorable! I hope when my son leaves for University next year, I get the same type of email. :)

  2. I love her!!!! I do the same thing to my Mom - someone has to keep tabs on her! LOL

  3. Sarah is my second mom. There is hell to pay if I don't answer the phone & she doesn't know where I am or who I am with. She's also my hair dresser & fashion constultant. Not like I didn't want to be see with her when she was in High SChool. She went to the second hand stores and bought waitress tops. She also wore my old birkenstocks. Her friends dad wanted to buy her a new pair of shoes. Sarah is one of a kind & I sure do love her.


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