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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fight Like A Girl

I think that slogan was written with our Rachel in mind. It’s been killing me not to jump up and down screaming! Her last Chemo was September 3rd!!!! When they were here for family birthdays, she kept telling Adam we’re going to have a party to celebrate….he just kind of blew her off with a mmm hmmm, right you want me to throw a party…..little did she know lots of plotting and planning was already underway.

This past Sunday using Grandparents Day as the excuse, we & Adam’s parents went to Indy to visit. When Rachel took Hayden & Isaiah out for children’s church, her Pastor had them shut the sanctuary doors to remind her church family today’s the day!

Sub sandwiches in the park after church with comments from us all ….we better get on the road…& headed back to her house.

(What reason he used to stop at church I' don’t know but, there were LOTS of hand motions & gesturing in the car a head of us..I would have loved to hear that conversation)




Over 100 who fought the good fight with her, with prayers, housecleaning, prayers, meals & more prayer…..Celebrating Recovery & sharing the love

LOTS of tears, hugs & food. We had it set up for softball, volley ball etc…we ended up paying kick ball so EVERYONE could play together. I have a memory card full of photos…. in my camera …that I LOST that day! (It was at the church so I have faith it will show up.)

Rachel’s a Kick Butt Person. Don’t ever say..but your a girl! If she wants something moved…she moves it, runs into a barrier…she climbs over it. If she wants a task accomplished she finds a way to get it done. Stubborn, hard headed, strong, beautiful, when she chooses a course of action there is no stopping her. Quit is not in her vocabulary… She may fall down or run into roadblocks…(as documented by numerous Emergency Room visits) but SHE WILL pick herself back up, or find a way around “it” . At one ER visit the Doctor asked something along the line of, “well are you going to try that again? Her response was “yes but I’ll do it different next time” I think she was 10.DSCN2057

That attitude she carried with her thru this 2 year journey. She kept on, maybe a LOT slower pace but the spirit remained the same. Notice the ace bandage on her arm & one pant leg rolled up?

Not a fashion statement…Chemo or not she played in a co-ed softball tournament the day before, slid into base and chewed her leg up. It looks like hamburger! She kept playing and next time at bat she rounded base, turned on the wrong foot turning her ankle…it rolled…landed on her wrist and broke her arm! IN 2 PLACES! That was Saturday, she found out it was broken MONDAY when she gave in & went to the Doctor.

Adam…bless his heart just shakes his head and says well..”you know Rachel…she’s going to do it her own way”

Yeah, she Fights Like A Girl!


  1. Yeah Rachel, keep up the good fight. My Kris has passed her six year mark. I get tears and goose bumps everytime I read another success story like this.
    Praise God for his mercies and loving kindness.

  2. So wonderful! Such a wonderful answer to prayer. She looks beautiful even with the broken arm and hamburger leg.

  3. WOOHOO! Way to go, Rachel! :o)

    (I forgot to measure Itty Bitty's head. I was too busy trying to catch her with the camera. When they're low to the gorund, they run fast! LOL. I'll see her again in the next couple of weeks. Putting tape measure in my purse.)

  4. Woo hoo!!! I am SO glad that she is a fighter, and it paid off!

  5. Your Rachel reminds me of my sister Angela. Angela has fought cancer for several years and I tell every one she is my hero your Rachel sounds like another hero to me!!

  6. So happy for Rachel & the whole family. Sounds like she might take after her mother. I will keep her in my prayers.


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