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Monday, September 21, 2009

Recharging the Batteries

You know how there are times you just need to get away & recharge? Mr.Fix~It & I did just that this past weekend.  We’ve been trying to work in a weekend camping with Rachel & Adam for months.  We decided on this past weekend then,  found out one of Mr. Fix~It’s Missouri relatives would be camping in state & we decided to join them on Thursday night.….with Rachel & Adam& Hayden, Erika & Chris & little ones, Mr. Fix~It’s parents…a brother & his wife…joining us over the weekend.  It was a blast!  We had the first night with just his Aunt & Uncle.  It’s been years since he (or I ever) have had one on one time with them. Boy have we been missing out! Such warm and loving people.  A campfire, bottle of wine and chatting till nearly midnight. That night alone made the trip.

Famy Campout 007 A beautiful to way to enjoy my morning coffee

Famy Campout 005Signs of fall all around us

The others trickled in over Friday & Saturday.  We all joined more family members at Wagner’s Village Inn Oldenburg In. for one of the best chicken supper’s I’ve had in a long time. Super kid friendly, they had tiny table for Isaiah & Hayden, books, crayons etc.

Back at the campfire, Rachel decided to pop some 5 minute Jiffy popcorn…

Famy Campout 094

5 minutes later (daylight)

Famy Campout 116 Famy Campout 097

10 minutes later, the ribbing starts

Famy Campout 108

20 minutes later…Full dark & not giving up…Famy Campout 124

30 minutes Did I ever tell you Rachel is stubborn?

Famy Campout 127 40 minutes later one of the Aunts had mercy and popped some in the micro….

Famy Campout 130 Hmm, anyone want a bite?

Famy Campout 139

Famy Campout 133

Smores & Mores, helping out by cleaning up after dessert!

4 generations, brothers, cousins, aunts & uncles,  & Greats….

Famy Campout 052 Early morning fishing, catch & release..

Famy Campout 084

Afternoon naps….

Famy Campout 075

Enjoying the awakening of a new day, while most are still sleeping, savoring the last breath of summer & storing the memory

Famy Campout 010 

I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine

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  1. oh what a fun weekend. I am so looking forward to summer.

  2. Looks like much fun, and family time is the best but.............if there ain't a bed, I ain't stayn:)


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