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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Talk About it Tuesday, Sculpture

One of the small towns we visited was Osgood Indiana

Home of the Damm Theatre…Really, that’s what its called! 

At the main traffic light entering town, this is what greeted us.

I think this guy had one to many rides…

Famy Campout 017Famy Campout 019 I cant really say I “like” all of the sculptures but I LOVE the creativity

Famy Campout 020

Famy Campout 021

Dodging traffic for the Turtle, he’s about 5 feet across


The outer edge the  parking lot of this corner pub “GRUBS” was peppered with these awesome creations

Famy Campout 025 Famy Campout 022

General Osgood…The towns namesake…...my head came to his feet, I’m 5”9.

Famy Campout 023

HUGE Warrior, battle ready

Famy Campout 026 Famy Campout 024

Spiders in webs

Famy Campout 030

Armadillo 10-12 ft tall

Yes I know its backwards, I was not about to dodge cars for a photo of the front..I thought about it though!Famy Campout 031

As we came back through town I made Mr... Fix~it stop for photos.

I know in the pub they were saying, who is that crazy woman with that awesome camera!

Famy Campout 038 Traditional landscaping would have been to sedate for this place, It was bordered on 3 sides with these wonderful gardens.

Famy Campout 032

I just wish I knew how to actually use this awesome camera and do these photos justice!

I wonder if the creator of these would make a dragonfly for me….


  1. Sure sounds like a great weekend. Love the sculptures. Don't think it would fit in the "decor" of my backyard. But, then again, considering my decor is pre teen and climbable, maybe it would?

  2. LOVE the turtle and the spider web! I had fun on your tour! Thank you!

  3. Enjoyed the pictures but I kept looking for the scripture reference. Went back and read the post title again. Sculpture. Duh.


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