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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Having a Pity Party, Want to come?

Well last weeks to-do list went to hell in a hand basket.  We did get the blueberries and blackberries planted.  I went on a canning frenzy, cleaned out the spare room…and it went down hill from there.  I had the house pretty neat and clean.  Windows washed, dusted, vacuumed blah blah blah. Now I can start all the corners and cabinets right?  


I have a kitchen counter crammed full of  canned/preserved food.  I need to set up another shelf in the basement to store them but, I need to get all the laundry done to clean out the laundry room…..to put the shelves up.  Otherwise its just more to clean around.  Now that the majority of the towels are clean…They don’t all fit in the linen closet….(no I’m not giving them away, I just replaced a bunch of them) So, I started to clean out the linen closet, 20+ yrs of sheets and mattress pads.  I have piles of twin, (6 twin beds at one time and 2 sets per bed)….full, queen & KING?  (We NEVER have had a King size bed here… where the heck did they come from?)  All still useable…now in stacks in the bathroom floor..I need to check with Erika & see if she want any for the kids beds and free cycle the rest.  Well maybe keep a few as paint drop cloths….but where will I put them…..

Little bird had a tantrum and threw bird seed ALL OVER again in the  family room..

A big bird cage that needs cleaning

More things needing to be canned and no space to do it with all the full jars in the way.  But all the canning pots & tools are still out..beans & tomato’s need picked

I have 3 orders I need to finish & about a dozen diaper to make for a friend

An article to write by months end,

My bedroom looks like a BOMB went off in it & the mini blinds broke…I bought a new set to hang…wrong size so they need to go back

I have seen 4 different mice in the kitchen…set 8 mouse traps in 10 feet space….they ate the peanut butter! Did not spring the trap!

My nephews finished basement & storage area was flooded with 30 inches of water, so I have a few large bins of baby cloths we are washing trying to salvage.  They are sorted by size on the kitchen table…not at all complaining…very happy to help but..

And Buddy the muddy swamp thing just came in covered in mud….

I just dropped a container of cocoa on the floor

I’d go back to bed but its covered with clean clothes to put away

It’s like a vicious circle, I need to do this job to do that, but that has to have …and on and on.

To top it off I still feel like some one has just sucked all the life & energy from my body.  I’m tired of being tired.

So, do you really want to hear what I think about organizing?    I had a clean & neat house!

I think I’m going to sit down & have a bagel & fresh cup of coffee with this Pity Party & then getting back to work

PLEASE tell me it’s not just me!

OK maybe it is……


  1. Sounds like what I'm in too lol. I'm tired of being tired & have way too much to do. By the time one thing is done 3 others sprout up!

  2. Sure, it's been a tough couple of weeks,

  3. So tell us how your day is REALLY going. Cause all that couldnt be happening to one person!

  4. Sounds like my home as well.....don't worry you aren't alone! :)

  5. Just come and visit. You will not feel alone. The only reason that I have any place to sleep is because I keep shoving the things over. The rest of the apartment I am not even willing to talk about.

  6. I will come to your pity party if you will come to mine! PTL Jon really stepped up this week! I am going to start cleaning the spare room today, And I want to hang the autumn decorations too. I don't know how to can, and didn't get a vegetable garden in this year, but I hear ya sister!

  7. We are in the same boat. I'm tired of being tired. And there is no end to that in sight. And I have WAY too much to do. That I just don't have the energy to do or the really want to do.

  8. Oh. My. Goodness. I feel for you. You were so right to stop and have a sit down, a snack and coffee. One thing at a time.
    You'll get there.
    And then you get to see what's waiting for you next!

  9. I know the feeling, the more I try to do, the further behind I get. I need to take a vacation & maybe the little fairies will come to my house.

  10. So what's your problem? Just joking!! Your rant must be saved to be appreciated another day. How on earth did so many things go so wrong? Perhaps you got a year's worth done at one time!! Take care, this too shall pass!!


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