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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday, A Conversation With God

Well, God & I had a little talk the other day after my  Temper Tantrum

What he heard was whine, whine, whine with some verbal foot stomping…like a tired toddler on a sugar high & no nap. 

What I heard when I took the time to listen was ….well,  you ungrateful Brat!  In a hands on hips voice.  You know, the parent that has heard enough tone?

I gave you a home….when many have lost theirs..Take care of it

Those children, you were fussing to me about.. you mean the little-ones you  were blessed with? Prayed for, prayed over?  Begged for my help to save when one nearly came home to me?  Be grateful, you still have them on earth to enjoy.  Many do not and seek comfort.

My creatures great and small?  When your not whining they bring you great comfort, companionship & Joy…want me to take them back?

So, lets see …Yes the harvest.  Did you not come to me saying you were changing things, making wiser choices with your money, taking better care of your body…did you not come to me asking for blessings on your garden?  Let it be fruitful? You said you were willing to do the work…did you change your mind? There are a lot of hungry & out of work people out there…….

Oh, and the mice?  They’re just to let you know I do have a since of humor.

Do you want to rethink a few things before we talk again?

Um……I uh, sure.  I have a lot to think about & I know your a busy Guy so….Um,


So today, while counting my blessings ….the carrots are in the canner, tomato sauce is bubbling waiting for its turn, birds are fed & watered & cages cleaned & bird seed swept up, washer is running, the remainder of the mess from the  bag of cookies that I left out & the  dog ate & left all over the kitchen floor is cleaned up, cleaning the laundry room out so I can set the shelves to move the canned goods down stairs so I can clear the counter to clean out the cabinets…….because I am so very Blessed!


  1. Thank you for this. Today was a day. One mess after another. I'd clean up one to find three more. Squabbles over one book when there is a bookshelf of them. Back ache a little more than normal. And so it goes. And I read your post. I'm thankful I have the little ones underfoot to make the messes. Many grandparents don't. And they help put smiles in my days when I'd rather sit at a window and cry for the mess maker now in Heaven.

  2. oh Katie,

    I am sure we have all had conversations with God like that.

    I remember when number 5 was a new born, my dh came home and I complained about this baby and how he messed up my day. I had been complaining to God all day too. My husband said so this baby that you prayed for is not wanted anymore? It was God's wake up call to me.

  3. Well said Katie, very well said. Thanks. :)

  4. Thanks for the positive support ladies, its nice to know I'm not the only one in this boat!

  5. Um....this sounds like conversations I've had with God! Thank goodness for His Grace because if He ever gave up on us.....well Heaven help us! :)


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