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Monday, September 14, 2009

This week I will complete my “To Do” List

Bet you’ve caught on by now I’m  distracted easily.  When I was working I was much more organized.  Things Had to get done.  Now that I’m home for the  most part, I get “sidetracked” Some call it scatterbrained oh, bright shiny object. Start one project, go to put something away and then I start another & another….

Last fall I had a good start to clearing the clutter & cleaning “stuff” out.  Well, I got through part of the kitchen & 2 closets.  Then we had children move back in…they multiplied now they have moved back out.  And guess what, we made them take EVERYTHING they brought and then some!

So, I’m back to cleaning out.  But the list is becoming pretty much ….well, endless.

I admit I have a bit of the “we might need it some day” syndrome”.  There I said it…out loud. I admit it I have stuff like, a cabinet full of old Home Interior glass votive cups.   I’ll never use them again but they’re still good….a wok in my kitchen cabinet hogging all sorts of space, that I have used 2 times…in 25 yrs. A closet full of  my 10yr old clothes 2 sizes ago…OK! 4 sizes ago.  Empty butter, cottage cheese & yogurt tubs mounding in a cabinet..because I can use them for leftovers…if I have a party for 200 & no one shows! UGH! its gotta go!

A counter full of freshly canned food that I need to store in the basement..but I have to clean that out to make room for the shelves..it goes on and on.  I get defeated & overwhelmed. 

So I’m doing a weekly short list for myself from now on.

This week 1.  take care of Mt Laundry, its piled up with the move & I need to get the laundry room cleared out of  stored boxes & unwanted “stuff”. If its not claimed…. free cycle or Goodwill.

2. Plant the Blueberries & Blackberries

3. Till & weed the garden

4. Finish setting up the Guest bedroom

5.  Fill an order for 1 dozen diapers & 2 covers

6. Clean out 1 cabinet in the family room

7. Clean out hanging clothes from Isaiah’s old room. (You know, those 2-4 sizes ago that no longer fit and were never in style anyway!)

8. Move canning supplies & place 2nd set of shelves for canned good storage.

9. Sort & reorganize the linen closet

10.  Set 500 mouse traps to catch those little suckers before they multiply!

11.  Can more venison & tomato sauce.  I need the freezer space!

12.  Complete the first draft of my article for “Ruby”

13. Call for a physical and see why I am so tired all the time & wear out so fast.

I want to have gone through the entire house before winter.  It was so freeing to clean out things last year, the house felt so open.  Can’t wait to do even more.

So, what’s on your “To Do” List for the week? Do you make them?

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  1. Good grief! I'm panting and bending over gasping for air after just half of your list! I felt good getting several envelopes of pictures in the scrapbooks, the bathtub scrubbed, the drain clog gone, and putting food on the table this weekend. Oh, and taking care of grandmunchkins. Guess I better rethink my accomplishments!
    In all seriousness we did the de-clutter several years ago and had a goal ofone cupboard or closet a week. Turned into more. I've never been a keep it type of person though so we finished by the end of January. It was very freeing.

  2. MY goal for this week? Get through it!

  3. Have your thyroid checked. ;o)

    I watched the show "Hoarders" a few times. I will NEVER save another margarine tub. Shudder.

  4. Making a "to do list" is the only way I get things done. But after reading through items 1 through 12, do I detect a little cynicism in item 13? :)


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