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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Making plans for winter

I know winter is a necessary evil and has its use in natures life cycle.  With the mosquito as the southern Indiana state bird a good hard freeze is needed to kill the eggs and the ticks & chiggers. But I’m not ready.  This morning I sat outside with my morning coffee wrapped in a blanket to keep warm.  It was freezing but  I know these days are rapidly coming to an end.  I want to absorb all the color of summer & fall that I can…it has to last me

I have to tell you I detest the gray days, when the earth is sleeping. the lack of color, barren trees, brown grass, gray snow slush,

memory dump 10 apr09 014 icicles hanging from the eaves, shorter days & longer nights…yet there is beauty in the starkness, a lingering red leaf blown upon the snow, sunsets thru the bare branches, the patterns of tree bark unseen in the lushness of  summers foliage…Ice patterns across  the pond, Sunrise & moon glow on a field of snow. Ice melt rippling over stones in the creek. 

 memory dump 10 apr09 015

The smell of fresh cut wood, the burr of a chainsaw and ring of an axe bring me comfort, for that means life goes on….but I need the color of life about me.   Gray days bring out all the imperfections, the deck that needs repainted, the lattice bare of its vines looks un-kept..the yard although neat, tidy & winter ready looks empty & dirty.

Maybe that’s what it is…the earth looks empty. Its a lonely time when most stay closed inside for the warmth & venture out only when we need to especially on the rainy & frozen days. For me the blahs, cabin fever or what ever name you choose sets in. 

All the hum of summers activity comes to a standstill. Although I know its a natural resting period for the earth & ourselves, for me seems as if life stops during winter. 

I don’t like being damp or cold so I’m planning now for winter projects to combat those blahs. Skills I did not have time to develop this summer.  I want to learn to make cheese, soap and bake a decent loaf of bread. Learn more about composting and worm farms.  I’ve decided to plan activities for winter like I plan spring gardens.

I need  & want to make quilts & throws for the little ones, a new comforter for the spare room.  I have yet to decide which patterns I want to use so I’ll need to dive in the quilting books.  The basement has become a huge storeroom through the years and needs sorted and cleaned out.  But, I do believe I’d have to be pretty desperate for activity for that chore. I’d  also like to make new curtain's for the kitchen, its been about 10 years so I think I’m due!  I’d like to start writing down some of the recipes we use with venison…. And knitting for the shop, I’m always needing to stock the shop.  I know the list will change and grow as the season passes and other areas of interest are explored.  There will always be plenty of time to curl up with a good book and a cup of coffee.

So, if you have any novice recipes for bread or soap making  please pass them my way. 

Do you make winter plans? how do you combat the winter blahs

How do you combat the winter blahs?



  1. ah the winter blahs......they are about to set in here too! not sure how it will be since this is my first winter here in Alaska (since I was a little girl) but I do have some craft projects to work on and I am sure Netflix will become our best friend......

    just remember, it doesn't last forever and soon enough it will be spring again!

  2. The blahs will settle in about January for me. I enjoy the cold and snow up until Christmas...the excitement of Christmas morning with family.

    In January, I will be a permanent fixture on the couch with a craft in my hand, a book by my side and a cup of tea on the table beside me.

    Yep, it's coming...but then we can once again enjoy the beginning of spring. :)

  3. Dreary dreary rain. The only saving grace is that it will lead to spring and then once again SUMMER!!
    I usually knit my winter away, along with some sewing and reading.
    I also joined Bible Study Fellowship, so that will give me an outlet for one evening a week.

  4. We are having our weather change week. Up until now it was sunny and (dare I say it) HOT! I am cold, I have turned the heat back on, and have started nesting. I still have planting to do, but I want to wait for the next sunny day. Yes, I am a fair weather gardener! Decorating the inside of the house, going to GoodWill, shopping (for Ideas) and maybe getting some of my bags finished. I am also going to steal my little sisters idea and start using the tanning beds since I don't fare well during the winter months emotionally. If it gets too dark, I can always go into Brystan's shiny new bedroom! <3 Karyn

  5. Alas, I am given to the blahs at any time of the year. I can't bake. And liquid soap is my best friend. I can send hugs though! HUGS :o)

  6. The winter blahs...oh, don't remind me. Well, let me see...I want to make bread too. Molly Katzen's Enchanted broccoli forest has wonderful instructions for baking bread. I want to knit a sweater for myself. I also want to keep going outside. And keeping festivals like St. Nicholas and Martinmas and Candlemas and Velentine's Day helps a lot. it's always nice to have an excuse to clean and spruce up the house. Lord knows I need an excuse to do that for sure.


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