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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Progress…I don’t think so!

  About a mile down the road from us they built 2/3 huge subdivisions a few years ago.  Last year,  (because the city wanted all the tax revenue) that area & our property was absorbed into the city limits.  Since then we have received city taxes, water & sewage bill, trash bill….and all the road litter & trash that goes with “progress”.

This is what we have actually gained. A fire hydrant.  It would be nice but it’s not connected to any thing

hydrant 003We don’t get city water/sewage for another 6-9 months.  And that’s after we pay $1,500 to connect to the new city water pipes…after we dig & lay over 600 ft of our connection pipes (after we disconnect from our perfectly good ones) to the road.  Here is the CRAZY thing, when those connected to city water and sewage loose power, water and sewage shuts down.   In the 20 yrs we have lived here we’ve never lost water or sewage abilities with our septic system or rural water connection. 

We’ve lost all the county rural laws and gain all the city restrictions

So, Where’s the benefit!  Where’s the PROGRESS!!!

GRRRR…… ristlefrastlebrickkelbrack!!!!!!!!!

 This is the only progress I can see right now, Sliding in a quick (bad) progress photo for a customer.  A pair of lavender Capri’s.

Lav Customs 004

Starting on the legs, hope to complete them tonight!

Tell me something good about living in the city limits!


  1. Yep Katie....what is the opposite of progress?.....CONGRESS! Good luck in dealing with the city! I feel for you girl!


  2. We live in the city limits and we GET to have moles trash our lawn and garden since we can't shoot inside the city limits and that's about the only sure fire (pun intended) way to get rid of them.

  3. How frustrating!!

  4. I wish I could tell you something, but I can't think of a thing. We are trying to figure out how to get out of the city and into the quiet.

  5. I feel your pain. We moved to a rural area outside town limits for peace and quiet and a safe place for our kids to play and grow. With the Gas Wells going in I get to hear heavy trucks drive by our house to our water plant all day and all night. We live on the S turns so they have to hit their "JAKE" brakes(?) so they don't end up in my yard because they are driving 60mph down the 40pmh road! Yeah Progress!

  6. The Debs,
    Its awful! We can no longer target shoot, when coyotes show up in the yard I guess we're just supposed to say "please go away"

  7. Thanks ladies, its a screamer! We moved out here for the rural quiet,now...hotrods and litter

  8. Progress...Overwhelming, Hugs!

  9. oh man. So sorry. I wish you didn't have all that crap to deal with...not to mention the expense. Nuts.


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