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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What A Difference A Year Makes & Boy Time!

This past Saturday we had both Hayden & Isaiah for the day!

Rachel was in town dress shopping

  for her sister in laws wedding. new knits 045 Her hair is growing back thick & dark!new knits 050

Look EYELASHES!! Eyebrows! REAL ones!

What a difference a year makes

New-Adam-&-Rachel I don’t think Cancer stood a chance with all the healing prayers sent her way! THANK YOU!

So while Rachel had a girls day shopping for dresses

We read books, played with trains…We built roads with trucks

new knits 013 Played with the trains some more.

(if I sat like that I’d still be on the floor!)

We made cookies

new knits 018

we worked together to set the table & cook supper.  Hayden may be a string bean but that little man can eat!  He had 3rds! It was wonderful having both boys together

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  1. Hello! I've given you an award this morning!!

  2. She looks fabulous! I am so happy! Glad you had fun with the boys. :)


  3. just tracked back a little to read more about your daughter...she is lovely! God Bless you all.

  4. Beautiful! I was thinking about prayer and God's healing power today and you showed me more, thanks.

  5. Your daughter looks happy and healthy. Sounds like those boys kept you busy.

  6. It is my string bean who eats the most here! Oh, Thank you Lord for the healing you have don here! Katie, thanks for the update! and you should be on the floor, Those boys will always remember when Gramma played on the floor with them!


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