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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Making Progress & Longies stocking

Whew, I stink!  Its been a busy day.  Kitchen walls are scrubbed & I found the corners of my bedroom today!  Floor to ceiling de-cluttered & cleaned.  When all the crap stuff is out it’s a big room!

One Word is WORKING!  Yes, its only been a few days but, that’s progress for me!

I was beautiful today. Bright sunshine & Low 40’s, I had the doors & windows open as I was cleaning, almost felt like spring…as long as I kept moving LOL!

Need to go visit my new friend at goodwill with another carload.  Now really who needs 22 handbags!!!!! Some are from the early 90’s!

Seriously, get a grip Katie! OK I’m over it!

Family room is next when I get home tomorrow. (Enter theme from JAW’s here)  & Mt. Laundry is crumbling!

I did get a few things finished up 2 feb 017 2 feb 006 2 feb 010 2 feb 015 Everything is listed to Etsy !

I have another on the needles YES! That’s right JUST ONE PAIR!! (started recently)

One Word again…

I’ve been trying to finish up other projects in between. Think I could open another Etsy shop with just with all the projects I have working…I keep telling myself it doesn’t matter what was, its what will be that counts. Changing can be painful but I keep looking at the room and cleaned out spaces.

I’m LOVIN it!



  1. I can just feel your enthusiasm through your post. Doesn't it feel GREAT to be on a roll?!

  2. The Frugal FrauleinFebruary 3, 2010 at 11:37 PM

    wanna come to my house and help me clean? Mt Laundry..I love it!!! lol

  3. Mama, Yes its nice to see the corners and clear out things the kids all left & just weed through mine! It's so freeing clearing out stuff!

  4. Frugal, Ha! At on point Mt Laundry had small villages that were expandingup the stairs, gorilla warfare was called for!

  5. Good for you!!

    22 handbags - seriously?

  6. We have beautiful weather today too. I hung out laundry and it dried instead of froze! I am excited. I washed sheets and pillowcases to have that fresh air scent in the bedrooms. I need to declutter my bedroom. It's crazy that everyones clothes end up in our room:(

  7. You are getting alot done! Good for you. Send me some of your energy PLEASE! :)



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