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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Small Changes

Just one thing at a time,

I been looking at changes we’ve made this year in life style, choices & decisions of how we want to live our lives.

Most have been small & subtle, just one thing at a time. When we first started talking seriously about making the changes to live a self reliant/simplistic lifestyle & what they would be, it didn’t seem like we had that far to go. We’ve never been a family that uses box or prepared meals. We have tried a few in the past & were never satisfied with the end result, always adding a bit of this or that for flavoring & we could FEEL our bodies reacting to the MSG. So for us the simplistic changes have been minor.

One decision we have made is to change our food storage from plastic to glass bits at a time. I’m not actively running out and replacing everything at once but, using what I have or find around the house for starters.glass jars 003Even my favored Cream of wheat cereal is stored in mason jars & flours in larger glass containers. If your like me you have an entire cabinet devoted to plastic storage containers. Containers that breed like laundry & not a lid that fits to be found. I’ll be glad to eliminate that cabinet mess.

After reading up on the serious health risks and, the last post of Throw Back at Trapper Creek we’ve gotten pretty serious about clearing it out.

But, take a walk in the isles of a mainstream grocery store. Have you noticed how many of the foods purchased now come in plastic? Peanut butter, syrup,MILK, butter, beans, lettuce, carrots, meats…ketchup, mustard, cheese.its everywhere! And them you have margarine which basically IS plastic. Its hard to find items sold in glass jars anymore!

I can’t say we will we’ll be able to clear it all out but, we can start with controlling what comes into the house & work to replace what is already here. Moving forward, changing one thing at a time.


  1. In an effort to be healthier, we've been trying to get away from plastic storage containers, too. I make and freeze a lot of foods in bulk (stored in meal size containers) and find that glass containers (pint and quart jars) are so much harder to stack in the freezer. Wish I could figure out how to handle that one. As you say, changing little by little, we'll get there.

  2. The mayonnaise that we buy has subddenly changed its pot from glass to plastic :( it's very annoying!

  3. I have been doing this as well and it does take a while. One cupboard is almost full of glass containers and as soon as they are empty enough, they are refilled and the plastic container the food came in is gone! Another bonus is the glass jars looks so pretty! :)

    Have a great day.



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