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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Help I’ve Fallen

off the blogs wagon and I can’t get up! A bit of a blogging funk. I think it happen to us all once in a while….but hoping I can get back on track.

Saturday night we were invited out to the local VFW for “Karaoke Night. Now Larry nor I sang but, I have to say the crowd was great. The couple we were with both sing and have beautiful voices. There was talent at all levels. One of the locals was an “American Idol” contestant a few years ago, others I was sure would crack windows not have made the cut , but the audience/participants were equally respectful of all performers. For some I’m sure the Jell-O shots helped boost their confidence and be assured they could do better than the last window cracker performer!

I was going to start my seeds this weekend and I know I’ll be kicking myself for not getting it done! Instead I was playing in the dye pots… here’s a few of what I came up with this week.

There are about 8 more drying

silver 031 silver 023 silver 028DYES 073Silve gray longies 006 silver 039 silver 043 silver 034 silver 038

The silver and pink & earth color skeins were some of the first & have already been claimed for customs….I have softer colors drying and will post picks tomorrow.

Now to get the dye off my hands!

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  1. We'll take whatever you blog when you blog. I'm still a big fan. And I love the colors. You do have a way with making the dye pots perform magic.

  2. Thanks Debby! Enjoy the new camper. When can we expect new beach photos?!?

  3. I'm so jealous sometimes ;o)
    you sell your longies/soakers like heaven!
    Here in Belgium it's not famous at all... people don't know it, people don't like it and I'm stuck with all my longies :/

    I love the colors!
    The kelly green/red/orange etc... one is gorgeous!!!

  4. I used to be a singer, now I am sure you would catagorize me with the window crackers. Loving the new dye lots. Has your winter weather left yet? We have plants going crazy! I "borrowed
    my veggie garden dirt to finish last years project! I need new dirt so I can start my veggies....

  5. Hi Katie - I hope that you will send along some articles for the Ruby blog about your refashion projects with sweaters. I really want to try to offer up some recycle / upcycle / refashion ideas every Thursday. BTW I LOVE your article about newsletters for this issue of Ruby! Nina

  6. Tucana, it took a while for them to catch on in the states but more and more are switching to cloth once they realize how diapers have changed

  7. I have been thinking of dying some wool...I have tried the food coloring...but want to use some acid dyes! Which ones do you recommend and what is your favorite type of wool to dye?



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