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Saturday, February 13, 2010

When Birds go Wild

They go back to the store! I’ve met my match…I give up! Last year Erika brought home a friends bird when they lost power in a ice storm….well the bird never went home so, I have a Parakeet. Did you catch that? She brought it home but I have a another bird? Which is fine I’ve mentioned before I have a Pionus Parrot “Papuga” another was not an issue. Besides, after Isaiah named him “Little Bird” I knew I was sunk. The parakeet came with a nice stand & cage, everything we needed. This past week I decided to get a companion for him thinking he would be so much happier.


So, after looking for a while at all the parakeets available, I just couldn’t decide. I wanted an different color but, all of the parakeets we saw were just so much larger than Little Bird.

Customs & Snow 004 I wanted one closer to his size, so he wouldn’t get bullied and, those that I did like had paired with another bird already. (I just couldn’t separate them) My bird lady said. “well, I do have one in the back” a baby, pink & gray….I fell in love. So cute! Customs & Snow 006 Cutie right? This is the bird from HELL!!!

I now know why she was in the back!!!! She’s nuts! All the bird cages in this house and there is not one that will contain her!

birds 012

Look at those tiny bars! She is like a squeegee, she spends her time PUSHING her way thru the bars! So after 5 times of putting her back in the cage we got Papuga’s small travel cage out…smaller bars..the smallest I can get.. She's psycho birds 026birds 028 She forces the bars apart and out she goes!

Little bird chirps like crazy telling on herbirds 023birds 029

The blanket partially over the cage seems to calm her down but she’s a mess! It’s like she just goes crazy and is frantic to get out. Little bird just sits back and watches the show & gives me looks as if to say she’s nuts take her back! PLEASE!

I’ve never returned a pet before but, I can’t deal with a psychotic bird. One thing I do know, if my bird lady says “ I have another one in the back”…

I’m going to laugh at her!

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  1. take her back! She's too crazy!

  2. Oh, my!! I would take her back. That is too crazy!!

  3. Reminds me of a family story. Shortly after my brother and I left home, my folks decided to get a parakeet. Said parakeet lived happily in his/her(?) cage in the corner of the kitchen. One day my mom decided to see if it would come out of its cage if she left the door open. The bird promptly hopped to the door, took off, flew once around the kitchen, went back into the cage and keeled over deader than a door nail. (My mom felt horrible.)

  4. Hmmm...Maybe you should call the pet psychic first? You know maybe the poor thing had a tramatic exprience hatching and therefor fears confinment. Or maybe the bird really isn't a bird, but a prince(ss)turned into a bird and he/she is just desperately trying to escape to find the wizard who can turn him/her back to their original form. Things to think about.

  5. Oh my gosh that is too funny!!!! Better a crazy bird than a crazy dog, maybe? Back she goes...I am sorry, I am laughing here...look at her sqeezing her way out.

  6. Awwww, you don't want to take her back! She is so cute! LOL



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