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Friday, February 5, 2010

Plotting & Planning

New works in progress, well the same pair I’d started on the last post.  I think these want to be board shorts with a pocket…not to sure we’ll see.  I hope to have them listed to The Katidids Etsy by tonightnew 004

With all the de-crapification I’ve switched things to spring mode Hence the eye popping table cloth.  I love bright colors and its a good mood booster. Especially after these past few sunny days & snow melting.   I see green grass poking through down by the pond….and now they are calling for 3-6 inches of snow…after 4 hrs of rain.  The roads will be like a skating rink tomorrow.  Think I’m staying home!

I’ve been trying to plan out the new garden &  want to switch a few things I was doing, such as row planting, some I will continue but others I’ll go with double row to make better use of the space, others I’ll incorporate the square foot gardening method.  I’ve been reading a bit about using decaying leaves in the walk ways to cut down on weeds & act as a natural mulch. With the woods behind the house we have a never ending supply of leaves!  If you’ve done this I’d love to hear how it worked out.   I also intend  switching up where I had some veggies planted for better sun and space usage. 

Also need to start an herb garden and possibly a “tea” section for my oldest daughter.  She’s the black sheep tea drinker in this long line of coffee java junkies, freak jonesing addict loving family!  But, we don’t hold it against her…much.

So many plans, I just don’t want to attempt to much at once & need to finalize plans & decisions soon to get seeds ordered.  I just need to make some decisions…so many seeds so little time!

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  1. de-crapification - I love it!!!

  2. Well, thats one of the nicer ways I say it! LOL I have no idea how it all piles up!


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