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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finishing Frenzy!

I spent the day ‘Finishing”. Finishing all those ..(ok, not all of them) random projects laying about. I hate the finishing stuff it’s painful. Just let me knit, the ends I keep hoping will miraculously weave themselves in, the lanolizing and blocking…UGH! I do this to myself, get so far on one & start another project. So, In keeping with my “one word” thing I’m finishing them up. Just grabbing off the top of the pile and doing what needs done. So…..

A large Skirty & soaker I started this weekend. Ends in, lanolized and drying now. Its even listed in the Katidids Etsy shop!

Skirty 003

These medium shorties I knit last fall. Today I wove in the ends, made the tie & lanolized. Still need to list it though.pinks & shorties to list 008

Large shorties I finished last night, DONE!! Even listedMM 004

Another pair of Smalls (from this winter), ends, ties lanolized & blockedpinks & shorties to list 003

And they’re even listed.

I think there are about 5 more pair that need “finished”. I’m not looking or counting, when I complete a new I make myself grab 2 off the pile to finish. I’m tellin ya it’s painful all this finishing.

I’ll be glad when the piles FINISHED!!!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this!


  1. I am sure if I finished everything I have started, I would have blog fodder for the next year! Good job! It makes me wish I had a baby butt to put into those! Keep it up!

  2. You are not the only one! My piles keep increasing and it is making me nervous as spring is on it's way!

    P.S. Gave your blog an award and it is listed on my site so go grab it if you wish.

    Have a great day!



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