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Monday, February 15, 2010

Brrr..8 more inches of SNOW!

I took this photo right before 6 am…..dawn, any other day you would need a porch lightPink Longies & Snow 013 Pink Longies & Snow 014 It was so light out I thought I had slept in

snow! 15feb 006

Back of the house

8 Inches on top of 10 from the other day..And more called for the next 2 days

Mr. Fix it bought this suit in 81 snow! 15feb 013 for his cold weather motorcycle rides, now, he uses it for

Now, he uses it for other rides..I love a frugal man!

snow! 15feb 018

like plowing the driveway…with a snow plow he rigged to the 4 wheeler

snow! 15feb 023Hmm, not sure my blueberries or blackberries will survive this snow fall.

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  1. Wow!! I am so glad our snow is melting.

  2. Brrr... It's snowing right now here in Pa. We are supposed to get three inches. The kids have been home quite awhile so I'm hoping they have school tomorrow!

  3. Hi Mel! Ours had JUST startd to melt, its been in the low 20's and wind chill to about 10-12. It never had a chance to melt! Thanks for popping in

  4. I think it looks just beautiful, and what fun ploughing your own drive like that!
    I am jealous, we are sweltering in 34 degrees and 100% humidity just now, what I would give to make some snow angels!

  5. You sure have ahd a lot of snow this year haven't you

  6. Your blueberries and blackberries should be snug as bugs in a rug. The snow is wonderful insulation for them. It would be much worse if you had frigid temps and no snow to keep them from freezing down deep.

    We still need more snow . . . feel free to send some of yours our way. (We may have to move back to Illinois [we're in NE Minnesota} to experience a good, snow-filled winter!)

  7. Yep, I am ready for spring too!


  8. Looks like you have a lot of snow there too!
    I cannot wait for spring *sighs...
    Just have to get out there and plant things.
    Hope your berries survive!
    The Girl in the Pink Dress

  9. WOAH, lots of snow! My hubby would have a blast with that much room to romp! He was wanting to get the four wheelers out when it was snowing here, last week!

    Tell Mr. Fix it I think I married his brother. He bought his "coveralls" /snowsuit back in 87! ;)

  10. Hissy, you may have.... there are 6 of them!


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