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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gotta Do, Gotta Learn Lists & Of course a bit of Knitting!

One of the many things I have on my “Gotta Do, Gotta Learn” list is to find recipes for make ahead seasoning mixes. You know what I mean, those little packets of spaghetti, chili, taco, & herb mixes prepackaged, great time savers but full of all kinds of stuff we don’t need to be eating. Yes, I can make a good spaghetti or chili sauce without them but, they come in handy in a rush. But, they realllllly add up. I’ve been meaning to find recipes to make my own & spoon out as needed. Well, great minds think alike! I stopped in at a ” new to me” blog “A Home Grown Journal” and she has posted a recipe for a Taco mix! One down and a dozen or so to go! Be sure and check out her quilting blog, the quilts are just beautiful!

I finished up the Flirting Fairy Large Capri’s

capri's 016I used some of my BFL stash. If you ever have the chance to knit with BFL wool, do it! you won’t be sorry. Its super soft and silky, doesn’t pill & is sturdy as all get out and will hold up to rough & tumble toddlers.

I started a pair of Silly Stripe custom longiescapri's 019 Bright Pink with Wine & Light Pink Stripes.I have the first set of stripes completed now & am just waiting for feed back from the customer.
So, Of course while waiting I dug in the stash & started another pair. No photo but these will be a Large pair of 2 tone Blue Marl

Someone asked me the other day, “Don’t you get tired of making longies?” Well, NO! Each one is so different. I try not to duplicate any color combination so each pair is always like a new item. I know it may sound silly. It’s like quilting..you may make numerous split rail fence quilts but using different fabrics each one is “new”. I am checking into the licensing for a few other patterns. I should have some news on those in the next few days.

Stay warm out there!

1 comment:

  1. I had no problem getting on this time. Did you find anything?
    I need to make spice packages too.
    Actually never thought of it, but with all of Stan's food allergies it might help. Thanks for the blog address. I will go look.
    I have never heard of BFL yarn. Where do I find it. It might be a good one for all of my baby knitting.


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