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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Starting the Spring/Summer Chore list

How many times in the fall have you looked at something  and said “Oh, we were going to paint, move redo or do this” this summer…Well, grab a note pad and start writing them down ! snowfeb 005

All the projects you want to do, even those that seem or  sound silly to write down.  See this wood pile? There are 2 that look like this..A little thing that is driving me craZy!  I love to look at the snow but I don’t want to be out in it so first semi warm day, I’m restacking it.  Yes I know Mr.Fix-it would do it but, it’s something  I can do which saves him for other things like…..enclosing the carport for a 2nd bathroom and moving the laundry room up from the basement. Oh and A STUDIO FOR MEEEEEE!  OK, enough there or I’ll never stop..

Anyway, list your projects out &  supplies needed.  It helps for budget & planning.  You’ll be able to watch for sales to purchase items needed & possibly do a bit of prep work ahead of time. Also preparing a supply list helps you be aware of great deals for trade or “found “ items.  For example, an older person we we know just moved into a new home & replaced the standard toilet with a elevated one.  We have a new/free toilet for the new bathroom!  Someone we know said “OH, That’s just gross!”  Well, if its basically new & I would have used it while visiting its good enough for my house!

So, the start of my summer chore list, in no particular order:

1. Clean out pond drain

2. Thin the Lilies & Hosta around the pond

3, replace lattice  on deck end

4. replace lattice on crawl spacesnow! 15feb 003

5. Power wash back deck

6. Stain Deck

7. Build stairs to patio

kids&rabbits 016

8. Plant Garden

9. Plant Herb Garden

10.  Spring pruning

11.  Install a clothesline

12.  Build frame for blackberries

13.  Remove gross dark paneling from the living room & hall

14.  Pull carpet from living room & hall

15.  Install hardwood to living room & hall

16.  Replace window sills in living room & bedroom 1 & 2

17.  Remove gross green fake wood paneling from bedroom #1

18.  Enclose carport for bath, laundry & studio & add new entry to living room

19.  Shelves stored in the garage to basement for canned goods

20.  Arbor between house & garage for shade

21.  shampoo family room carpet

22. repaint living room

23.  repaint kitchen

24. repaint bedroom #1

25.  Garden & Can

Yep, it looks like we’re in for a busy summer!  We have been planning the addition for the past 2 years, slowly gathering quite a bit of the supplies.  The deck stain we purchased last year on sale, the lattice we are waiting to go on sale.  We’ll replace it before I stain the deck so it all matches.  Paint I’ll wait for a good sale & pick up to have ready….& I need to add carpet edging for the bedrooms to the list when we pull up the hall carpet….

I think I need a larger note pad!

The Projaholics are back!

What are your plans for the summer?



  1. Today is above freezing si while hubby is out putting on a metal roof, I am cleaning house big time. I have a load in the washer ready to put on the line. when Hubby gets home we are going out to the garden and stripping off the ground cover and loading the garden with the manure pile.
    Next we are building about six or eight rabbit pens to get ready for our rabbit breeding project.
    We have had the flooring for our upstairs bathroom for about two years and Hubby just measured for the sub flooring. So hopefully that will go in soon. We have a house in a town an hour away and just used it for right offs. Now we need it for income. Our March project is to put in a new kitchen in that house and paint and rent it out. We will get our broiler chicks.
    April will be spent cleaning out all the pens and getting ready for our Turkeys. We have to build chicken tractors so we can raise our broilers in those and help prepare a new garden spot.
    May will be the gardening month and butchering at the end of the month.
    If I just make a list like you did I would get way overwhelmed and quit before I started. I was exauhsted just reading yours! Good luck. Thanks for posting my Giveaway!

  2. Love your list! My list will be started soon...we are still pretty thick into winter around here but I am beginning to dream.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Your list is making me tired! Unfortunately, it's like my list too. SO many things to do and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that maybe half will get done. Sigh.

  4. Thanks ladies, Goddess; we would love chooks here but to many coyotes. I shuld be cleaning bt am taking another lazy day.

    Debbie; its still partialy snow covered here also but, if I don't start witing down plans now I'll forget..

    Beth, I know some may not get done but,the majority are HAVE TO's! Things we've put off for to long or are leftover from last year..

  5. We have so many jobs to be done around here, I am not sure if there is enough writing paper to list them all!!

  6. Hi Katie,
    You need this award to brighten your day ... still snowing?
    Pop in and collect a sunshine award just for you and 11 others. See ya Daisysmum

  7. I love your list, you sure have a lot of things planned for the summer. We have a list, but it's not nearly as long as yours. Also, it's not necessarily for the summer. More of a to do list for the rest of the year...

  8. Oh this looks a lot like my list! Except for the panelling. :P It's going to be a busy year for us. I hope you get all your projects done!
    The Girl in the Pink Dress

  9. I have the whole list of what I would love to get done also. Now if money cooperates then I might just get most of them done! LOL~


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