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Friday, January 29, 2010

“One Word”

All over the net I’ve seen various blog articles concerning “One Word” where your focus of the year would revolve around incorporating your chosen word in your life. 

Lots of  good ones out there, Save, Family, Faith, Nature, Diet, Prayer,  De-clutter..I thought  ok, good for you, and went on to the next page. ….

You ever notice when something’s in the back of your mind (you don’t want to do)its suddenly right in your face…all the time?  Every where you go or look it jumps out at you?

The “Word” was working on me that way. 

So a few days ago I started thinking of my “Word” for the year.  But I couldn’t find an easy one I knew I would stick with.       De-clutter…well I would really have to do it… not just bits here and there..Finish….no, I have toooooo many projects started to follow through on that one. Organize….nope not going there…I KNOW what a task that would be in this mess I’ve created.. See,  I have a really bad habit or 10 2.  I start projects at 100 miles an hour, all excited and ready to rock and roll & get side tracked.

For example ; Currently I have 8 quilts started that I know of, 4 afghans, 15 knitting projects on the needles I can see from here,  5 kilos of yarn to dye,  Sewing projects to numerous to count….rooms in my house torn apart that I started to reorganize but then I got overwhelmed with what there was to do & was not getting done while I was doing “this” so I tried to catch up on that &  there is a pile of ironing but I have to clean the iron off & oh that’s where I put the copper cleaner just let me get those pan bottoms and will you just look at this stove it needs scrubbed oh the bottom needs cleaned out who put these baking dishes here they go in the other cabinet & I need to figure a way to fit all these baking pans together  let me move them to the table to see what is actually in this cabinet…THERE is the box of yarn I sorted to send to a friends daughter what did I put in there & will the colors coordinate I better check and see if I can fit more in the box let me just scoot these baking pans over next to all the socks that need sorted well let me do that now….….

Why is the iron on the table?

See my point? 

Focus would be a good one, De-clutter would be great, Finish my husband would LOVE……

But I’ve decided on a word that I believe will cover it all.


This year in my world anyway it’s one word. 

  1. Stay on task
  2. Everything has a place/purpose
  3. Learn new skills
  4. Focus
  5. Don’t leave it unfinished
  6. I comes after “We”
  7. See it to the end
  8. Change is good
  9. Intensions don’t count
  10. Priorities, piles are for leaves
  11. Little things ignored become big things
  12. Ignore the fun till the work is done
  13. No store bought if I can make, grow or repurpose it
  14. Everyday give thanks to God

“One Word” could be life changing

What’s yours?

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  1. I think my word will be "breathe".

  2. My word for the year is "family". I think it's time.

  3. Now I know why I like you so much Katie. You are just like me.

    Self discipline is a good one. That could some up my now. A lot of my procrastination is because I lack self discipline.

  4. Great word Katie and great post. My word.... FAMILY.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Stop beating yourself up!!! You are just like every other creative person out here. OK, you need to clean up so you can remember just where that perfect yarn is or the last pieces of your quilt project. Be kind to yourself and enjoy all that you have accomplished. Yeah, focus is a good word. Mine is change. Change my organizing style (lack of), change my outlook, change the amount of time I spend worrying about what I need to get done. Just do it. Oh, that one is already taken, isn't it??
    Best wishes for a focused 2010!


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