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Sunday, July 1, 2012

So darn HOT!

Oh my gosh, This entire mid-west area is just cooking…and I’m not talking a pot luck!  The lawn is brown & tree leaves are drying out.    We were over 100 degrees most of last week,  Wednesday I drove to Indy to spend the day with Rachel & Hayden..and it like baking in the car on the way home even with the AC blasting.

Thursday Isaiah & I went to Madison Indiana to help a family member do some landscaping…I lasted 3 hours outside pruning hedges, pulling 3 years of weeks and overgrowth. I got the shakes & chills and knew I was stick-a-fork-in-me DONE!

Trying to keep him cool, I kept sending Isaiah inside for ice and water for us and was able to mostly keep him in the shade and semi cool.  He was a major help hauling shrub debris,  laying and cutting landscaping cloth to cover path ways, and pinned it in place himself.  For 8 yrs. old he worked right along side us with out complaint…other than being the “water boy”.  Although. I believe he prefers water boy over “compost boy”

Before we left he stood back and looked at the completed work and said, “Man, this looks so much better!  Working together we got a lot done!”

I hope and pray he carries this work ethic to adulthood. We stopped on the way home and had big bowls of (medicinal of course) ice cream to help us cool off.   Best medicine ever!

The garden is really struggling.  The cucumbers are about shot, some of the squash is “surviving” most of the beets are gone.  The green beans and onion are still coming along fine.  The tomato’s and peppers are loosing ground.  I’m watering early morning but it’s not quite enough.  I think I’ll cut them back and see if that helps.  This was my lite year in the 2 yr. planting cycle,  so a smaller harvest was the plan but….not this small!

One good thing about the heat,  laundry sure dry’s fast!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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  1. Have you tried watering in the early morning hours and the evening hours when the sun has gone down? This may help.

  2. I also ment to say, sometimes laying straw at the base of each plant helps keep moisture in the garden.

  3. Sandy, thanks for the suggestions....I've been watering evening and morning. With the breee everything is just baking. Your right about the hay mulching, I've been using grass and newspaper as a weed barrier along the beans. Their doing great. I need to get it done around everything else

  4. Weird weather everywhere...either too hot, too cold, too wet or too dry. It doesn't seem like anyone across the country is having great growing weather!


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