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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Afternoons

Are for cousin

 Kids & Pink Beachcomberes 003playKids & Pink Beachcomberes 001

water babiesKids & Pink Beachcomberes 010

sand and sunscreenKids & Pink Beachcomberes 008

Kids & Pink Beachcomberes 004doodlin in the dirt

and crawdad catchinKids & Pink Beachcomberes 007

Kids & Pink Beachcomberes 005




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  1. What fun day! I would love to spend a day like that.

  2. It was a wonderful afternoon! A small park with a creek running through, nothing over thigh deep on the boys. Sunny warm and just perfect for the little ones to play...my kind of day

  3. It's nice to get outside and play in the water and sand with family. When I was a kid, those were the best of times!

  4. I want to come visit you. It s so cold here at the moment.


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