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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Catching up and keeping busy

Just a quick catch up here.  We’ve had RAIN!! 3 evenings of a good pouring.  The rain barrel is full again and the moisture is really showing in the garden. 

Beans are finally starting to come on.  They aren’t really ready to pick but I had to munch on a few I was so excited.

Random 023

Miss Evie was pretty excited to see the tomato’s and peppers turning color.  She can’t’ see them from above so she squats and looks up in each plant.

Random 016

An I was thrilled to find pumpkin taking off…if you can call 2 pumpkins taking off & at this point I am.

Random 010

Right now I think I’m growing more weeds than I am vegies. The humidity is down and It’s a good morning to get out there and take care of that. In fact it’s nice enough I turned the AC off and opened up the house for a few hours.  LOVE the fresh breeze blowing through.

The strawberries are doing well with the transplanting.  Those I transferred to individual pots have nearly doubled what they were and look really healthy

Random 009

Those that we transferred to the bed have set and established well.  No droopers or poopers.

Random 021

No poopers makes me happy.

To date peaches in the area have been so high I’ve not bought any but, I found/heard of a sale for .69lb. so I’m off to check that out this morning to pick up a few bushels.  Other than peppers, a few quarts of berries & the carrots & the corn there has been nothing put up this year. Looking through the past years posts it was marathon canning by now.  Just a tad bit worrysome!  

I’ve Thyme and oregano to share if anyone would like some…shoot me an e mail.


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  1. Katie,

    I'm so happy to hear you've had beautiful weather and rain to help the garden.
    Your little one looks so adorable waiting on the veggies to change color :-)

    Are you really offering thyme and oregano to share, wow.....I will send you an e-mail.

  2. Sandy, I'd love to pass some on! Just reponded to your e mail. No fee just willing to share the excess


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