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Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot and dry….It’s going to cost us more than just the electric bill

I was out watering the garden first thing this morning and was mentally whining about the projected 104-106 temps for the day & I’ll admit I was also having a bit of a pity party concerning the shape of my garden. Which led me to thinkin about those that depend on their gardens for food or an income. Don’t get me wrong, we depend on ours also & the food we harvest saves us a LOT of money…which frees up cash for improvements about the place and other items we may need. But, if my garden dried up kaput we would still be ok.

Those who farm or raise livestock for a living on any scale are facing some serious challenges with the extreme heat and lack of rain.  Grazing land and ponds ranchers depend on to feed and water animals are drying leaving many no choice but to use feed purchased and stored for winter.  Feed that will come at a precious cost to replace for the winter & in turn will follow into the price of beef.  The same for farmers, corn, fruit and other produce in our area are suffering from the lack of water & will be financially devastating for them. 

Standing there at 7:30 am in my shorts and flip-flops, hot & a tad cranky…hose in hand ready to bold inside to the AC I kinda gave my self a mental kick as I thought of those farmers & ranchers who labor in fields for hours in this heat.  Sure some are on tractors but it’s hot back and soul breaking work.  The same could be said concerning those that come to the farmers market week after week providing fresh produce they’ve struggled to grow…only to have folks fuss about the prices. 

Made me really feel a bit guilty…….

and realize I need to stock up on flour and a few other things before the prices go up because there is no way around it.

Praying for rain


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