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Monday, July 23, 2012

Bulk Storage Using What You Have

We are rice eaters. When we realized a 50 lb. bag was pretty close to the price of 2 –2lb  bags well I was all over that.  But only when when we opened that BIG bag did I remember we’d have to store the remainder.

**********Now, let me throw out a disclaimer here about plastic and what is or, may not be proper storage….I was using what I had on hand and it’s worked for years for us.

Popcorn tins.  You know the holiday tins you never know what to do with once they are empty…but don’t want to throw away cause I might need them for something?

Well, your something has arrived in a 50 lb. bag! 

Wash and thoroughly dry your tins.  I let mine air for a few hours after this as the metal always retains a touch of moisture & you don’t want the damp or the rust that will develop if that moisture is left behind.  Take my word for it, it happens.

Rice storage 002

Let’s pretend that spill on the side of the can isn’t there ok?

I line my dry tins with *****Note disclaimer above******** a small trash bag. Fill the bag with rice, twist the top and cover with the lid. We’ve stored rice this way for over 10 years and it’s worked well for us.   It takes just over 3 large popcorn tins to store a 50lb bag, It works out perfect with the bit left over in a container accessible in my panty.  when my container is low I just refill it from one of the tins.

A few facts we learned about rice I thought I’d share.

1.  You will spill a bit when opening a 50 lb. bag…. no matter how careful you try to be.

2.  Rice on bare feet hurts

3.  When sweeping up spills, a few of those suckers will hide very well and you will find them later…with bare feet

4.  Rice loves carpet.  It digs deep and hangs on.

Have a great tomorrow



  1. Great idea using the popcorn tins! Love, love, love the tips too! LOL

  2. Well that's a good idea. Those tins are such a nice size.

  3. Katie,

    The tins work really good. If you run out of tins, go to Sams Club, Costco(Bakery Departments) or a local bakery. Most of these places have food grade buckets with lids that are used for frosting or other food items. When their done with them, they rinse them out and put them in a recycle bin. If you go ask, most cases they will give them to you free. Take them home and wash and you have free food containers for storage or anything. I have all kinds of food grade containers for free. I used them for food (with mylar bags and food savers) or planting containers (drill couple holes in bottom and place a coffee filter at bottom, then plant). These buckets come in handy to use for any and everything. Remember there free. Just a thought.
    Have a great day.

  4. Thanks Debbie, Always trying to find a way to reuse items..those tips were learned the hard way LOL!

  5. Sue, I have 3-4 of them and they tuck under the bottom panty shelf. Those I saw sold last year we a smaller size though. I would say they are 3 gallon bucket size?

  6. Sandy, I've yet to get to Sams to take advantage of them. It's first come first serve in ours..but I have high hopes 8-D Thanks for stopping in


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