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Monday, July 2, 2012

A little RAIN!!

Amazing what a little rain can do.  We can water and water but that God given rain is so much better for the land.
My tomato’s had been so dry and hard I couldn’t tie them up without breaking them off.  This morning the stems were pliable enough to get the job done. July Garden (2)
Scrawny little things aren’t they?  I hadn’t gotten them mulched and the weeds just took off and went deep.  When I tried to clean them out I was disturbing the plant roots. I’m so glad there are only a dozen plants not the 30 or so we generally put out.   This morning the soil was soft so I focused on those around the plants. This afternoon I picked up some straw and layered with newspaper and cardboard after adding some compost around each plant.  I cheated with the straw, I have a field of grass I can rake but in 100 degree heat….It aint gonna happen!
My cucumbers are gone,  They just couldn’t take the heat. That’s what farmers markets are for right?  Trying to stay positive….. I’ve quite a few areas I could replant but not sure what if anything will grow/sprout this late in the season and heat.  It’s driving me nuts having a half empty garden!
July Garden (4)
The beans are going strong, and I think will make it.  Pod’s are forming and if I can keep them watered I just might have something to can.
The crazy thing is my strawberry plants I assumed (yes, I know better than to assume)I we would loose are growing like crazy!
July Garden (5)July Garden (1)
We didn’t have many make it through the winter and now they are shooting out runners like crazy.  As you can see, most of the mulch was blown off with the storm last night. Most of the babies I have up on the patio will be transplanted out here next week when/if our heat wave passes.   As you can see, I have plenty of room to go before its fully re-planted.
July Garden (3)
Looks like these could use some compost
Pumpkins are holding on, I lost 2 of the Amish pie plants but have 6 left, and of course all the jack-o-lantern plants are fine…go figure!
Have a great day!
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  1. Congrats on the rain! Most of the garden is looking pretty good!

  2. Thanks Debbie but it is sad compared to the past. But, this is now right?


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