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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Can you smell it?

The scent on of damp earth in the wind.  We were smelling it for hours, heard the lightening and were celebrating the cool breeze, The clouds were rolling & building like huge gray pillows  I poured rain!  Every where but here.

 RAIN! 004

In the first few hours this is the result of our first rain storm.

Mother Nature can be such a tease.

RAIN! 005

An hour or so later when we decided to eat outside on the patio it started drizzling, a nice soft steady rain which soaked in immediately. I’m not sure how much we got but it may have been an inch at most.  Some areas around us received 3-6 inches.  As nice as it sounds that much rain falling on dry soil just runs off and created a lot of damage.

As much as I wanted to dance in the rain I had my chocolate birthday cake inside & celebrated the gift of another year as well as the rain

Hope you had a wonderful day!


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  1. happy birthday Katie. It s winter hereat the moment and this morning we woke to heavy rain. It was nice to cuddle up in bed and listen to it.

  2. Happy Birthday Katie!!!
    It's so nice to be able to smell the rain coming and in the air. It's a shame you only got a few drops :-(
    We sure could use the rain here, haven't seen any in a long....long time. Have a wonderful Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Katie!!! I love the smell of a storm coming.

  4. Hi Therese! So good to hear from you! I've always loved the sound of rain on the roof & sleep seems so restful then.

  5. Sandt & Debbie, Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I received the best gifts! I'll have them up tomorrow. I know you'll both get a giggle


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